ZEFR: Content Targeting That Drives Brand Performance

CIO VendorRich Raddon CEO & Co-Founder
Every marketer's objective or goal undoubtedly is to communicate the uniqueness of his or her product most effectively to a broad audience. This can prove to be a tricky affair since consumers often object to intrusive advertising. Understanding this challenge, Zefr, a California-based technology company, enables brands to safely and efficiently harness the power of video by reaching audiences in front of premium, relevant content environments. “The goal is to give brands an opportunity to communicate its message most organically and efficiently," says Rich Raddon, co-CEO, and co-founder, Zefr. The company ensures that its client's voices reach the 'right consumer at the right time' by aligning their message with the right content on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform.

According to the industry veteran, marketers are going to demand content targeting with the gradual shift from television to popular online platforms such as YouTube over the years. With recent industry developments like GDPR and continued concern with brand safety, he firmly believes that content targeting is a necessary approach on open platforms and his firm is continually striving to help clients gain more value from this unique approach. Founded in 2009, the firm's technology develops sophisticated whitelists and quality targeting on the most brand-safe, relevant videos on YouTube.

The famous Albert Einstein quote, "The only source of knowledge is experience" aptly summarizes the evolution of the California-based company. The firm's evolution from digital rights management leader to YouTube targeting leader has helped it become a 'go-to' partner among enterprises looking for efficient, relevant and safe video campaigns.

Zefr's platform is used for granular content targeting at a scale, which gives marketers the mass reach and custom targeting that’s critical to success on new platforms.
Toby Byrne, President

Often in digital advertising, marketers place advertisements based on demographics, browsing history, or against popular channels, without scrutinizing the context of where their messages are appearing. The Zefr solution scrutinizes YouTube content to deliver context that best suits its client's brand, and helps clients scale their advertising campaigns based on view forecasts. "Our platform is dynamic because YouTube is dynamic. We are constantly optimizing throughout every campaign to ensure that brands are targeting optimal videos that drive performance," says Toby Byrne, President of Zefr.

With employee strength of over 200, which includes best-in-class engineers, 'state-of-the-art technology' remains the firm's core competency and Byrne, mentions that this fact differentiates the firm from several industry peers. Since its genesis, Zefr's platform is leveraged by brands in various industry verticals such as retail, media and entertainment, packaged goods, automotive, and quick service restaurants. The firm also ensures brand safety with its content targeting solution for specificity and relevance. Its white lists allow brands to capitalize on current viewing trends without risk.

Through the years, innovation has been the fuel that has driven Zefr, and every technological accomplishment is aimed at introducing strategies that help brands more effectively reach their consumer. Having carved a unique offering in the online video ecosystem, the highly qualified team at Zefr is putting its best foot forward to develop a data solution for content targeting for programmatic activation and thus, expand its offering to global programmatic buying teams. "We have successfully been driving innovation for our brand clients on YouTube for years, and with the diversity of content being uploaded and consumed every minute, it’s become even more clear that content targeting is a crucial and growing component of digital marketing strategies" concludes Byrne.