FuelX: A Truly One-Stop-Shop for Advertisers

Mike Villalobos, Vice President of Sales, FuelXMike Villalobos, Vice President of Sales
In the digital revolution, advertising has undergone a sea change. A few years ago, advertisers relied on newspaper, magazine ads and 30-second television commercials to capture the undivided attention of consumers and sell products. Now digital ads are ubiquitous, and businesses must compete for attention. The old marketing adage says that creativity and innovation are driven by either finding unexpected solutions to obvious problems or by finding obvious solutions to unexpected problems. FuelX is doing both.

At FuelX, a team of experienced marketplace wizards and data scientists are developing advanced technologies to help digital advertisers reach new audiences.

“Our objective is to help our clients grow their businesses, be it through advertising or prescriptive strategies or with the implementation of analytics to give them a phenomenal return on investment,” says Mike Villalobos, VP of Sales at FuelX. “We focus on giving value before taking anything from our clients to ensure it is a true partnership.”

Interestingly, advertising has become more focused on the brand than the product itself. Brands spend heavily on ad management channels like search engines, social media and banner ads but still struggle to identify their targeted customers.

FuelX uses its proprietary technology guides to reach the right audience, gain excellent growth through customer acquisition and develop a win-win relationship in the process.

We focus on giving value before taking anything from our clients to ensure it is a true partnership

FuelX has built a revolutionary commerce indexing engine that combines its demand-side platform and a programmatic ad platform that to learn and identify how a unique customer will behave across any device and successfully convert.

The average consumer may have a collection of devices—that range from two laptops—one each for home and another for office; there is also a tablet, a smartphone, a smart TV, and a smartwatch. By tracking the behavioral data of the user across all these devices, the software lets the right consumer see the befitting ad on the proper device at the perfect time.

The FuelX commerce indexing engine relies on AI and machine learning to analyze the gigabytes of data that are generated every minute by the consumer across all of these devices and launches ad campaigns to drive growth.

With the indexing engine, the advertiser is able to reach not just new customers but engage with existing or inactive ones. It leads to a conversion and gives the company a bang for the buck.

“What sets us apart is our homegrown solution stack,” says Villalobos. “It has the ability to zoom in to find the user and zoom out to find the required audience.”

FuelX has grown significantly and has transformed into a one-stop-shop for advertisers. FuelX has recently opened a new office in New York to serve ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies across various verticals.