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July 11, 2019
Feature of the Week
Social networks play an essential role in our everyday lives, and CRM advantages incorporate a great deal of significance.
The narrative is analogous to a blueprint of an end product. The story imparts the framework which decides the depth and scope of the project. It also helps to get a clear picture of the components required to actualize the project.
Content creation and technical editing are chief assets of any business. A technical writer sees to the fact that documentation is formulated in an orderly fashion and often helps the marketing teams in devising future distribution plans.
Featured Vendors
A pure-play CDP that liberates marketers’ first-party data and makes it available whenever and wherever it’s required for marketing.
AI-Driven Marketing Automation Tools and Customer Data Platform with Optimized Results on Budget Spend and Decision Making for Merchants.
Allowing companies to clean, collect, and control their customer data.
CMO Viewpoint
Jon Kramer, CMO, RockTenn
You start where you always start. Objectives are the roadmap to success.
Douglas Turk, CMO, JLT Group
The supply and access to information has never been greater. We live in a world where almost everything has the potential to provide data about its current state of existence.
CXO Insights
By William Kammer, SEO Director, Clearlink
SEOs are getting better about understanding these changes and trends at scale with automation as well.
By Lauren McAndrews,VP, Digital Strategy, Havas Media North America
With the assistance of the mobility space, we can now directionally measure which audience was exposed to which out-of-home placement.