Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 22,2020

Feature of the Week

Digital signage has gained serious traction over the last decade, and the number of industries employing this form of advertising only continues to skyrocket. According to reports, the digital signage market is expected  Read more
The marketing companies are using robotic process automation (RPA) to increase the workforce's efficiency by decreasing the tedious work  Read more
Launching a multi-channel marketing campaign should be a no-brainer, and the execution of it can be painless with the right tools and approaches.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Phil McKoy, SVP & CIO-Global Loyalty Solutions, Aimia  
Marketers have always been challenged to deliver on the perceived potential value of marketing technologies. This pressure is, if anything, increasing as technological change - and changes in consumer behavior – ratchet up this perceived poten  Read more
By Bjorn Sprengers, Chief Marketing Officer, PropertyGuru Group  
Just a decade ago, most people would probably not have envisioned a world where the concept of “trust” would become so prominent in their everyday lives.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Joe Schwinger, Co-Founder & CEO  
A mobile event app provider that develops intuitive, engaging, and information-rich solutions to enhance the overall event experience  Read more
By Jamie Timperley, President  
Dynamic Events assures smooth and hassle-free event management processes by blending a mix of the latest technology and domain expertise. From logistics to content management the company extends its services to all aspects of an event. By bringing...  Read more
By Jesse Carrillo, Partner  
EdgeFive Group is an industry-leading marketing and event production company. With a unique combination of unmatched marketing and sales experience, we support event and marketing teams globally to bring our client’s messaging to life. Whether...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Ambre Soubiran, CEO, Kaiko  
Blockchain technology, by enabling the issuance and trading of tokenized financial assets in a...  Read more
By Tobias Kober, Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom Switzerland  
The imminent scarcity of personal data is likely to lead to an even higher price for such data, which...  Read more