Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Feb 2, 2023

Feature of the Week

Marketing resources management (MRM) provides visibility into resources, expenditures, and performance.  Read more
In the beginning, businesses had limited control over who viewed their material.  Read more
Goals, breadth, and depth are the three aspects that can differ amongst services in a customer experience (CX) strategy, which should not be mistaken with a CX plan, which is how the strategy will be carried out.  Read more

CMO Viewpoints

By Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer, VanillaSoft  
Managing implies some level of control while engagement implies a deeper level of connection. Constructive and consultative sales relationships are what people are looking for.  Read more
By Barbara Goose, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock  
Improving customer experience takes time, and there will be roadblocks along the way.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Paul Feith, President  
Paul Gregory Media assists nonprofit and mission-based organizations with its suite of marketing services, including branding, websites, SEO, marketing strategy, design, and social media management. Its services are designed to help organizations...  Read more
By Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder and CEO  
Disruptive Advertising is a tech-enabled agency that helps companies develop and execute digital marketing growth strategies. They build an entire marketing strategy from scratch that suits the client’s business and budget needs rather than...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Dylan Keath, Executive, Marketing Enablement and Transformation, NAB  
Consumer habits have been changing with the online market boom.  Read more
By Brian King, Executive Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Advanced Drainage Systems  
The biggest and most successful companies across the globe are successful because they develop...  Read more