Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 19,2020

Feature of the Week

One of the most significant difficulties in digital marketing is managing customer data. A customer data platform can be the solution for businesses that want to manage customer data efficiently.  Read more
Customers are an essential part of business enterprises. Several businesses must have a loyal customer base to achieve success in the long term. It is necessary to offer a better customer experience with personalized experiences.  Read more
Unlike previously, people seemingly prioritize event managers concerning an event. Whether it is the releasing ceremony of a multinational company or a wedding night, event providers' role on occasions is vital.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Curt Hilliard, CMO, DirectBuy  
The data reveals that there’s no need to wait to reach out to a new customer—in fact, customers that have just purchased a product or service of yours are more likely to be receptive to personalized and friendly marketing.  Read more
By Rajeev Rai, CIO, Wynn Las Vegas  
While addressing the customer experience journey, agility is critical element for marketers. In spite of the complexities that exist in the marketing sector, we should not get overwhelmed by them, and continue to test, learn, iterate & innovate.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jeremy Hudgens, CRO, Director of Client Solution  
Genius Monkey’s proprietary platform enables agencies and brands to maximize their advertising ROI and reach more targeted people cost-effectively. The platform accesses numerous behavioral databases and learns the online behavior, demographics,...  Read more
By Christian A. Bacher, Managing Partner  
Although loyalty programs have proven to be effective means for retaining customers as well as making the first impression, implementing them, have become challenging for merchants. To this end, Smart Engine Group enables its clients in loyalty...  Read more
By Benjamin Billups, Founder and CEO  
Billups is an advertising technology company for the OOH & DOOH marketplace, translating the physical world into data-driven solutions with the leading outdoor advertising platform. With offices across the US, Billups uses the largest independent...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Robert Hannan, EVP Managing Director, Operations, Carat USA  
Its 9:30AM, have you had a chance to review the latest (seemingly overnight) updates on new technology...  Read more
By Jessica V. Ludvigsen, SVP & Director, Customer Experience Center, Woodforest National Bank  
As much as technology may continue to evolve and transform the Customer Experience industry, this will...  Read more