Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, April 09,2020

Feature of the Week

A strategy that optimizes all the elements of a PPC campaign enables marketers to move towards fruition.  Read more
Here's how new entrepreneurs can bolster their businesses with a few email marketing tips.  Read more
User-generated content is proven to help email marketers overcome the challenges in a scalable and sustainable way.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Tamara Pattison, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, BevMo  
Due to rapid change in technology, often a new and emerging opportunity becomes a trend and ultimately a new portion of the landscape in a few months.  Read more
By Jerry Kelly, CMO, Madwire  
Advertising is an ever-evolving entity, and technology is the driving force behind it.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jamie Hill, Owner, President & CEO  
Beard Marketing Solutions’ expert team specializes in providing reliable and strategic digital marketing services such as search engine optimization (SEO) for on-page and off-page, local SEO, and content marketing. Moreover, Beard Marketing...  Read more
By Matthew Palis, Owner & CEOMichael Hodgdon, COO, Michael Tortorice, Director SEO, Stephanie Hooper, Enterprise SEO Manager  
A trusted Google partner and award-winning SEO company, Infront Webworks leverages its 20 years of industry experience to help clients pioneer new ways to attract online customers and drive web traffic. The company's primary service offerings...  Read more
By Rebecca Stewart, Director of Organic Scott Smigler, President & CEO  
Exclusive Concepts (EXCLUSIVE), an agency with roots in e-commerce that date back to 1997, has built its identity around a holistic approach to the e-commerce funnel. Founded by President and CEO Scott Smigler, the company has become an industry...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Douglas Duncan, CIO, Columbia Insurance Group  
Let’s be clear, there is nothing more essential for lying than the facts. If facts were...  Read more
By Kamelia Aryafar, Chief Algorithms Officer, Overstock [NASDAQ: OSTK]  
A data-driven business is one of the biggest boons for today's economy. It...  Read more