MaxBounty: The New World Order of Online Marketing

Matt McEvoy, CEO, MaxBountyMatt McEvoy, CEO The cost per acquisition (CPA) pricing model that is utilized by most affiliate marketers is not a novel concept; it has been around since 1994. No relative risk and quick money—what more could an affiliate ask for? In the industry’s early years, affiliate marketing grew and evolved rapidly. But gradually issues such as fraud, unreliable data, and an overall lack of transparency began to appear, transitioning the industry into the wild west of digital marketing. That’s where it all began for MaxBounty.

Frustrated at the way large CPA networks treated affiliates, the founders of MaxBounty decided to start their own network, there was just one issue: “Back then, there was no licensable software to run a CPA network on, so our company’s founders needed to code it entirely from scratch,” says Matt McEvoy, the CEO of MaxBounty. Over the next 12 months MaxBounty’s software was developed. Each line of code that was written during that year eventually played a role in redefining the meaning of trust between advertisers and affiliates.

Today, MaxBounty is one of the leading CPA networks that globally supports a broad genre of advertisement-ready consumer products, services, and platforms. Actively supporting over 25,000 affiliates and 350+ advertisers, MaxBounty supports more than 2,000 campaigns and effectively functions as a holistic platform for affiliates, advertisers, and vendors.

Founded in 2004, the agency has grown into one of the most dominant and rewarding affiliate networks for online marketers. So why does MaxBounty continue to thrive while newer CPA networks find it difficult to establish themselves? The agency’s proprietary software along with their approach that values client relationships, and their intent to push the industry forward, ensures that they are at the forefront of evolution. “We frequently encounter potential clients who have unique needs and service requests, and because of that, we’re always looking at developing new features to provide them with what they want,” states McEvoy. “We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively manage the needs of our clients, thereby creating a win-win situation for them and us.”

Whether our customer’s advertising goals are to acquire fresh consumer leads, increase sales, or generate mobile installs, MaxBounty can help

Navigating the Performance Marketing Shores

MaxBounty gives utmost importance to the needs and demands that their customers—affiliates and advertisers— have, in order to create a positive industry culture and anticipate, evolve, and think one step ahead of the industry. The agency assists advertisers from the very beginning of their marketing journey, and their broad experience and expertise in the CPA network format enable advertisers who are trying to set their new campaign to track the affiliates through different methods. MaxBounty not only handpicks affiliates for their advertisers through its network, but also manages their customers’ entire campaign, which establishes the agency as a true extension to the clients’ marketing arm. In addition, their sophisticated software helps clients mitigate fraud and ensures that advertisers can place their ads in a viable location with access to quality traffic and leads. “Advertisers can be ambitious at times, and expect millions of leads at the go, and that’s where we work as a myth-breaker to guide them by asking to take it slow,” states McEvoy. This is one of the reasons why MaxBounty is able to establish a long-lasted and trusted relationship with them.

The agency’s newest interface will allow advertisers to track their entire campaign within MaxBounty, which McEvoy believes will be one of the differentiators for the company. He states, “Whether our customer’s advertising goals are to acquire fresh consumer leads, increase sales, or generate mobile installs, MaxBounty can help.” The agency, over the years, has assisted many large advertisers who are entering the performance marketing space to navigate the unknown shores. Although the campaigns that they come up with look attractive, McEvoy says that if not managed properly, it could summon immense negative affiliate traction. He adds, “In such cases, we’ve seen advertisers spend a lot of money, without getting the expected returns.” Instead, MaxBounty undertakes a steady approach by initiating with few affiliates and continuing to open the campaign as they go forward, providing long-term value.

Robust Tracking. Rapid Payments.

For affiliates, MaxBounty offers robust tracking, rapid payments, and cost savings in the form of higher rates and frequent promotions. The agency reviews all advertising offers carefully to ensure that only campaigns with high converting potential are available to their affiliates and MaxBounty gives affiliates the ability to work with major clients who can’t be accessed individually.
The proprietary MaxBounty system dashboard provides insights into the campaigns the affiliate is running and detailed statistical breakdown.

Their offering doesn’t depend on the affiliates’ traffic type, and they assist them with the right mix of high-paying and converting offers to maximize their earnings. Further, MaxBounty provides over 2,000 campaigns for affiliates to choose from, which includes various wide-ranging verticals such as market research, finance, travel, insurance, e-commerce and social games.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively manage the needs of our clients, thereby creating a win-win situation for them and us"

Affiliates who work with MaxBounty are paid on a weekly basis, which often, McEvoy says, is even before the agency has been paid by the advertisers.

The Intent to Reinvent

Although MaxBounty has established itself as one of the leaders in the performance marketing space, McEvoy believes that the agency needs to stay nimble and adapt to the newest customer needs and technologies to remain on the top of the foodchain. To that end, McEvoy and his team at MaxBounty strive to accomplish a continual evolution of the MaxBounty network by expanding offerings for both affiliates and advertisers. “For affiliates, that means providing newer and innovative ways to make money, whereas for advertisers, we want to offer a much broader range of client services, such as campaign tracking and creative development” informs McEvoy.

The legacy that began with the company’s founders 14 years ago has been reinforced and empowered by McEvoy over the years. Playing an integral role in MaxBounty’s development for 12 years, McEvoy has been able to witness immense growth and change in the affiliate marketing space during that time. He mentions, “I became part of the industry in 2006 when I was brought on board at MaxBounty to increase the network’s roster of advertisers.” Today, as the CEO, McEvoy guides the ever-expanding team as they continue to provide opportunities for affiliates and advertisers to grow and evolve their businesses. In the last six months, the agency implemented several revenue sharing campaigns and a major overhaul to its mobile capabilities and is currently working on other technological redesigns.

For the future, MaxBounty is looking to continue the development of its advertiser platform that will allow customers to use it as a real-time tracking platform. This will also enable the agency to indulge in more comprehensive full service advertising options, establishing itself as a one-stop marketing shop. Having finished its major mobile enhancements recently, MaxBounty is increasing its collaboration capabilities by engaging with more app developers in mobile campaigns as MaxBounty is now empowered to track in-app events at in-depth levels and, in turn, meet the KPI requirements of the advertisers. MaxBounty’s dedication to finding new ways to improve their clients’ experience ensures they’ll continue to lead the performance marketing space, and McEvoy envisions exciting times ahead for the company.
- Justin Smith
    June 13, 2018