Pirsonal: Driving Sales and Customer Engagement through Individualized Videos

Josías De La Espada, CEO, PirsonalJosías De La Espada, CEO
Gone are the days when traditional methods like cold calling and e-mail blasting attracted customers; in the race for getting the most attention in the market, modern-day businesses leave no stone unturned and often, it begins with looking for ways for enhancing customer engagement. Ever thought of watching a video about upcoming flight journey details instead of having to read the details in the e-mail or a video explaining company contract instead of having to go through the contract document? Pirsonal lies at the crux of this transformation of marketing strategies, as they implement multimedia and marketing automation techniques in their innovative Individualized Video Marketing platform that helps companies evoke a reaction from their segmented and individualized audiences. “Our platform helps businesses reduce the gap between their customer’s perspective and the vast choices of products available on the internet, through individualized videos. These along with an approach to drive sales and increase engagement, helps us cover all major aspects of customer engagement by concentrating on the engineering, infrastructure, and the sales and product marketing perspectives,” explains Josías De La Espada, CEO of Pirsonal.

With a focus on being a cost-effective multimedia platform for present-day marketers, Pirsonal combines marketing automation and video customization to deliver customer-specific videos. Pirsonal’s Individualized Videos use big data and cloud-based video production to automatically generate customized videos to target the segmented audience according to their previous choices, needs, and funnel stage. To accelerate the video creation process, Pirsonal uses templates that can be the designed based on the business requirements and fixed or flexible scenes to generate the videos automatically.
De La Espada, a marketing industry veteran with 16 years of experience, believes in understanding the need of the customer first and then designing the solution through a three-phase process. From an execution perspective, the first phase involves figuring out the data source, starting with the identification of the KPIs of the company. The second phase is defining the look and the feel of whatever the client wants to show or display to the user, initially through the templates. The third phase pertains to all the considered information delivered to the user through the communication channels.

Our platform helps businesses reduce the gap between their customer’s perspective and the vast choices of products available on the internet, through individualized videos

Pirsonal’s API and integrations can redefine a company’s marketing, sales, and communication automation strategies effectively as the Individualized Video Platform integrates with hundreds of applications to help with the creation of highly personalized videos automatically. The API and integrations can also design a custom landing page for every video and person and is powered by a video player and an individualized call-to-action.

From a custom development on the API to design custom templates to individualized marketing consultation, Pirsonal provides API development services and consulting and project services as well, to enable companies to understand and implement their customer-centric marketing, sales, and communication automation workflows.

The next big step for the company from the service perspective is to help more clients around the globe and to work more with third-party cloud marketing and data platforms. “Our goal is not to be a single platform for generating specific videos, but it is to create tools to help our clients’ business processes and their customer relationships and let them engage with their customers better through multimedia content so that they can increase their revenue,” concludes De La Espada.