Streampage: Creating Strong Real-Life Customer Relationships

Jon Schmitt, CEO, StreampageJon Schmitt, CEO
About 30 million small businesses are running in the U.S. right now. While these businesses are experts in their specific areas, the one thing that they are grappling with is marketing. Most businesses today have a tough job keeping up with all the latest marketing technology. Not only are most tools out there costly and time consuming, they also require a skilled marketer to use them successfully. “There are about 260 billion emails and 200 million blog posts going up every day. This has made it tough for small businesses to create unique content at a phenomenal level to compete with the large enterprises such as Nike to stand out in the market,” says Jon Schmitt, CEO of Streampage. Also, Streampage provides all the content, unlike most marketing automation tools out there that follow the “bring your own content” model. These platforms are like engines without gas. Streampage takes it a step further. Businesses no longer have to worry about creating their own content from scratch. Streampage provides a robust library of branded content businesses can personalize and segment and then send to their subscribers and contacts. “We understand each subscriber and provide unique content based on their needs, driving engagement for small businesses and helping them grow without worrying about their marketing,” says Schmitt.

Streampage’s streamlined software also allows users to select and launch campaigns within a matter of minutes. They call this push-button marketing. Businesses no longer have to spend hours researching, strategizing, and creating a campaign. All that work has already been done. The only thing they need to do is select their audience, choose their distribution channel (email, social media, text) and hit send.

We understand each subscriber and provide unique content based on their needs, driving engagement for small businesses and helping them grow without worrying about their marketing

Each message will also be delivered through a real-life business relationship, a trusted advisor that subscribers and prospects can easily connect with. “We are bridging the gap between the small businesses and their customers, creating strong real-life relationships with AI working in the background,” says Schmitt.

A group of insurance agents using Streampage’s pilot program have witnessed these benefits first-hand. Instead of the 11 hours each agent previously spent on creating and sending content to their policy holders and prospects, they only had to spend 7 minutes with Streampage. The piece of artificial intelligence built into the software also saved agents the hassle of personalizing, segmenting, scheduling, and sending content if they didn’t want to. Schmitt says, “Agents didn’t have to think about how to personalize the content and when to send it, it was done automatically.”

Since 2013, Streampage has been serving 78 BBBs across North America, accounting firms, other markets. They are currently working hard to introduce and promote their product into new markets that include optical, insurance, direct sales, and tech.

Staying true to its spirit of creating real-life relationships, Streampage is all set to roll out new web apps for its clients that will accelerate their growth. Adjacently, the company is working on several mobile apps to help companies deliver smart content to their subscribers rapidly. The company is also planning on extending its footprint globally. “We are scaling at an aggressive rate and are excited to unlock new opportunities that the future holds for us,” concludes Schmitt.