Keyper Marketing: The Next Level of Digital Marketing

Preston Hanisko, Founder & CEO, Keyper MarketingPreston Hanisko, Founder & CEO
Preston Hanisko was ahead of his time and peers when he embarked upon the journey in digital marketing at a tender age of ten. His initiatives to redefine the marketing industry sprouted as he built a website and witnessed heavy traffic on it. Hanisko’s Master’s degree in marketing analytics further fueled his ideas of developing advanced digital marketing solutions. “I had an idea of how to increase traffic but didn’t know how to have data-driven marketing. So that’s the knowledge I acquired. I started applying the skillets for driving new customers by delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer. This is what digital marketing is all about,” explains Hanisko. His innate understanding of the digital marketing discipline coupled with sharp business acumen led to the genesis of Keyper Marketing. Based out of McKinney, Keyper Marketing is a rapidly growing digital marketing solution provider in an ever-expanding world of cross-channel and multi-channel digital marketing. Today, innovative marketing solutions delivered through Keyper are utilized by a wide array of clients to generate new customers with the aid of digital marketing. “We aren’t creating conventional marketing platforms; we are trying to make it to the next level. Keyper Marketing aims at having algorithms that are cross-channel, essentially helping clients to drive their digital marketing initiatives from the ground up,” says Hanisko, founder, and CEO of Keyper Marketing.

The nucleus of the company is their KEYperform Marketing Engine that focuses on the dialogue between the clients and their customers across email, mobile, social media and other mediums in the digital space, helping them boost customer count at a healthy ROI. The multichannel marketing engine leverages innovative technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning based algorithms to optimize marketing.

We aren’t creating conventional marketing platforms; we are trying to make it to the next level

KEYperform tracks where customers are coming from, and more importantly, how much it costs to retain them. This data is fed into the marketing engine to automatically target similar customers that have a higher chance to convert at the targeted ROI goals.

What makes the company’s key performance engine successful is its unique way of connecting all the data. Being able to reach a customer independent of the device and platform, the clients of Keyper can deliver the right ads to the right customers. “We connect all the dots with the platforms such as Google AdWords, their native platform and then bolster it with website engagement and Google Analytics. We track and gather data on how customers interact and feed it into machine learning software to create algorithms on how we should deliver the right message at the right time,” explains Hanisko. Once this machine starts learning, it starts automatically adjusting across platforms with a focus on accurate marketing.

Three of Keyper’s tech clients have increased their number of online customers by over 200 percent while maintaining over 150 percent ROI. While explaining the value proposition of Keyper, Hanisko recalls an instance when the company assisted a client in enhancing their marketing initiatives. The client had a unique challenge in online and offline payment processing as they were a home service company. Keyper’s team not only had to develop a robust digital marketing strategy but also had to connect the dots from online to offline sale conversions. “We were able to accomplish that, connect all the sales dots with each other. We plugged in the key performance engine, and now they are getting an average of 100 installs per week and a dramatically high increase in revenue,” explains Hanisko.

Keyper Marketing’s goal is to allow consultants and other agencies also to utilize the solution, giving them the possibility to help clients and serve the industry as a whole, not just the individual clients.