Tips To Bolster B2B Mobile Marketing

Martech Outlook | Thursday, February 17, 2022


As more and more platforms are designed from a mobile-first perspective, the way people interact with the platforms is transforming. This requires a new and unique strategy to help businesses understand and adapt to the new reality.


FREMONT, CA: Mobile marketing is defined as a multi-channel, digital marketing approach aiming at contacting a target audience via websites, email, SMS (Short Message Services) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services), social media, and apps on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices. The understanding of mobile audiences, designing content with mobile platforms in mind, and strategically using diverse channels like SMS/MMS and mobile apps are all part of effective mobile advertising. Mobile is getting popular in the B2B industry. Recognizing the importance of this channel, some businesses have already begun to work from a mobile-first approach. 90 per cent of marketers believe that mobile offers a superior ROI (Return on Investment) in various respects.

1. Convert the website to a mobile-friendly format: It's critical to adapt business content to fit various mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, when potential clients are browsing the company websites. If the website has problems adapting to a specific device, its lack of responsiveness will turn off more potential visitors. A study by Annalect found that 55 per cent of smartphone-owning millennials expect firms to have mobile-friendly websites or applications. A responsive web design is an excellent technique to approach a mobile-friendly website. Creating and maintaining an accessible website is made easy with responsive web design. The information and design elements can automatically adjust to fit any screen, regardless of how large or small it is, by using flexible pictures and fluid grids. This allows graphics to enlarge or shrink as needed, giving a consistent experience across all screen sizes for all visitors. While designing a responsive site layout is a time-saving method, it is not easy. It necessitates a web development team with specialised talents, a content management system, and, of course, a financial and time investment.

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2. Leverage mobile e-mail marketing: Adobe Email Use 2017-US report claims that 81 per cent of people read emails on smartphones hence a solid mobile marketing strategy is necessary to succeed in the inbox. B2B customers and prospects are utilising mobile more frequently than ever, therefore it is wise to approach them through the channel they use the most. The simpler the email, the better it will show on mobile devices.

3. Continue to use social media: According to a Buffer survey, 73 per cent of marketers say social media marketing is "somewhat effective" or "extremely effective" for their company. Consumers spend a lot of time on social media, and they use their phones more than any other medium to do it. This is a crucial revelation for marketers because social media is now a full-fledged mobile marketing channel, rather than a desktop marketing channel. Smart marketers are focusing on social media users, and their plans must be well-crafted.

Spam emails, banner ads, PPC ads, and other classic marketing methods are no longer effective.

Mobile marketing is not a passing phenomenon that will fade away shortly. As a result, enhancing the mobile marketing approach would be a competitive advantage for the companies.

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