The Importance of an In-House Google Marketing Platform

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, April 13, 2022

In-housing does not require marketers to terminate their relationship with their agency; instead, by acquiring licenses for the Google Marketing Platform products, they can alter their relationship with their agencies.

FREMONT, CA: While companies have traditionally purchased analytics software directly, on the media side, digital media buying and creative services are frequently delivered by agencies within their platform's accounts.

In-housing, the Google Marketing Platform, is thus about assuming control and ownership of marketers' own digital media activities, the data and intellectual property associated with those activities, and whether those activities are still carried out by their agency partners or whether a team of practitioners manage them within their organization.

Rather than using an agency to manage campaigns within the Google Marketing Platform product suite, in-housing means that the organization purchases licenses for GMP products such as ad serving, programmatic buying, paid search, and analytics, and typically has internal resources accountable for platform performance.

Control: Control is critical in marketing or digital advertising because it enables marketers to take a planned, measured approach to their campaigns and maximize their results. Internalizing licenses within the Google Marketing Platform enables greater control over the granularity and frequency of reporting, as marketers now have direct access to the platform. This results in increased transparency and the ability to make more informed data-driven decisions. With data-driven organizations, three times more likely to record significant improvements in decision-making than non-data-driven organizations, frequently control directly correlates to better outcomes. Display and Video 360 provides this level of granularity for digital media purchases at the Advertiser, Campaign, Insertion Order, Line Item, and Creative levels, providing visibility into what and where spending is going. Leveraging insights during campaign execution can determine whether a campaign is successful or necessary adjustments to achieve campaign objectives—clicks, engagement, conversions, visibility, brand lift, and ROI. Several examples of advanced media strategies and activations that marketers can now implement directly include social integration and inventory management via Search Ads 360, dynamic or data-driven creative via Studio, Campaign Manager (CM), and Display and Video 360, and advanced campaign data analysis via Data Transfer from Campaign Manager (CM) to BigQuery. Additionally, if enterprises or organizations are currently utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, bringing the Google Marketing Platform, specifically Google Analytics 360, in-house will give marketers additional control over marketing messages and audience across the connected customer journey.

Ownership of Data: By assuming ownership of data, marketers gain the visibility necessary to maintain control, accuracy, and accountability over performance reporting and media spending. As a result, they can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. Additionally, by integrating the Google Marketing Platform into the organization, marketers can future-proof their digital media buying by managing their audience data effectively. Whether through Floodlight activities or Google Analytics 360 audiences, their organization's first-party data is owned and actionable in media buying, with real value attached, rather than contained within the agency's licenses. Direct access to the platform also means that when marketers create Customer Match lists, they can reduce risk by directly uploading data to their organization's instance of Display and Video 360. By claiming ownership of their data, marketers gain greater control over who has access to it and transparency about the organization's data, adding another layer of security and mitigating the risk of a breach. An example of this within Display and Video 360 is providing creative agencies or partners with visibility into and access to the platform's creativity.

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