Revelation Digital: Are you Approaching Digital Media like a Detective?

Many business owners and marketing teams have to sort through mountains of evidence (data) in an attempt to discover what meaningful clues about their brand, competitors, target audience, or media activities can fuel revenue growth and scale their business. Adding to this increased workload is the global shift toward a more private, cookie-less world, which we’ll see come into fruition this year. The vast majority of organizations will be forced to move away from cookie-based models and embark on a one-to-many de-personalized approach, with fewer data available for targeting the right audiences or attributing the correct conversions. Any marketing team working with multiple agency partners to optimize parts of their digital media buy will find it very difficult to correctly assign results to a particular team, agency, channel or platform. Who's responsible for the lift in performance, or the drop in sales? A question that will be hard to answer unless clients have a single agency partner strategically and emotionally aligned to their business goals. The digital future will need to take a 'forensic investigator' approach, providing advertisers with a full, 360-degree view of all relevant customer and business data in one place—where insights can be uncovered easily, and the best course of action can be taken quickly! Empowering today's marketer with exactly this approach is where Revelation Digital lives. “We’re a team ofCampaign Scene Investigators. By digging deeper into the data, we can generate greater brand growth using programmatic advertising,” says Lex Mannasz, Director of Revelation Digital.

Revelation Digital’s ability to centralize all digital media is helping many businesses remove the silos within their programmatic marketing, providing a unified and transparent model across all touchpoints whilst making the same top-tier services used by large global media agencies super-affordable for its clients.

To consistently drive more media performance from every campaign worked on, Revelation Digital has developed the 4Rs: REVEAL, RELATE, RESONATE, and REJOICE.

It all starts at the ‘REVEAL’ phase, which entails unifying all available business, consumer, and marketing data together in one platform where all key client and agency teams can visualize and collaborate daily. With access to smarter data and dashboards come smarter daily decisions. This may sound simple but is often a complex task that is only made possible by Revelation Digital’s strong partnership with the globally popular BI Platform, Domo.

Once all business and campaign data points have been created, the team at Revelation Digital can then formulate and activate a digital media campaign strategy that will best ‘RELATE’ to each audience.
The media trading team seeks to understand the interests, behaviors, and intent signals that audiences experience in real-time so that each individual digital ad more cost-effectively engages, delivering each person the right message, placed in the best environment, at the perfect time! From driving awareness with programmatic outdoor, or increasing consideration with programmatic display, to deepening engagement with social media, or capturing demand with search—a truly relatable campaign delivers a much more memorable and far more tangible campaign, especially when each message is bided on and served in a way that helps nudge each customer closer. Revelation Digital’s Ad Server can even be deployed for advanced user tracking, thereby passing additional data at each conversion point for a deeper understanding of top-performing converting audience paths, across the entire digital landscape.

Seeing the whole story and understanding the driving forces behind each brand buyer provides RD’s creative team with the perfect design brief to start creating more relevant ads and marketing collaterals—from dynamic to rich media, static to video, social to native—that can truly ‘RESONATE’ with each audience, at each stage of their purchase journey.

When combined, Revelation Digital’s 4Rs lead to deeper, more meaningful, and more performance-driven interactions between client, agency, and end customer. Data is driving both the media impact and creative engagement, while campaigns and creatives are hard at work generating business results our clients can finally ‘REJOICE’ in.

Recently, Revelation Digital helped The Man Shake (now one of Australia’s Leading Weight Loss Shakes for Men) take its Australian e-commerce business to new record-breaking heights. In just two short years, the Revelation Digital team was able to grow the brand’s online sales five-fold while scaling ad spending and reducing customer acquisition costs, before the owner sold a 70 percent share of the business to a Private Equity group for $400 million AUD in January 2022. Revelation Digital started the partnership by analyzing all consumer and marketing data, quickly realizing the need for a more ‘Always On’ acquisition and conversion strategy, which would put the brand in front of more customers more often, as they enter more buying situations. Everyone’s weight loss journey is different, which is why Dynamic Creatives provided multiple weight loss messages for each different user journey, with specific offers and social proof stories based on the interests and what life stage a target audience was in: a dad, grandad, single, gamer, golfer, or football fan—the list goes on.

High-impact creative formats showcasing real men with real results performed much better when they were from an audience’s own peer group. Using relevant five-star customer reviews, combined with tailored conversion, offers can help marketing teams nudge customers down the funnel and deliver a much stronger online presence to both new and existing customers. Their customers sum it up perfectly, who so often say: “We see your ads everywhere.”
  • We’re a team of Campaign Scene Investigators. By digging deeper into the data, we can generate greater brand growth using programmatic advertising

Revelation Digital has been fortunate to enjoy many other similar success stories, and this year the company will be looking to strengthen its existing client base and continue to grow its global team. The agency is equally focused on integrating new ad management solutions, including custom dashboard apps, for clients to easily understand how their digital media will continue to drive their brands and businesses forward in a cookie-less world. Through these initiatives, Revelation Digital wants to break down the data silos, disrupting the realm of digital media and put the power back where it belongs with advertisers, not agencies, platforms, or publishers.
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Revelation Digital

Revelation Digital

Sydney, Australia

Lex Mannasz, Director

As the CSI agency (Campaign Scene Investigators), Revelation Digital helps clients discover powerful campaign insights before actioning them across programmatic media platforms