AI's Role Play in Marketing Automation

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Marketing AutomationNow, marketing automation has made it easy to carry out repetitive tasks, but AI brought new life to marketing automation software by bringing in predictive analysis and personalization engines. By embracing game-changing AI, businesses can benefit on a multitude of fronts.

Email Marketing: Emails are easy to get lost in the shuffle of a busy day. It is challenging to entice a customer to open a marketing related email, but the right tools can consider the challenge conquered. AI-based technologies are assisting marketers in winning the attention of customers. For instance, AI is allowing SMEs to improve their email marketing automation strategies by identifying the target and when and how to attract them.

AI helps companies to understand customer behavior patterns and identify which strategies email subscribers best respond to. This also helps businesses more effectively automate emails to ensure customers are receiving personalized correspondences relevant to their requirements. Giving a personalized touch to emails pays off. AI- generated emails should engage customers more than attract them. Email subject lines can be customized for each customer while the emails themselves might contain personalized offers. 

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Lead Nurturing: AI-based programs can process user data at lightning speed and can be hyper-responsive to customer needs. Automating the data collection process simplifies the lead nurturing process for enterprises while AI can set course for future marketing strategies. AI offers valuable insights for the marketers to close a sale. Marketing teams can use data to drive sales and lead to an economic boost. Through AI the relevant customer information being captured in real time can be instantly applied to tempt shoppers with personalized offers and targeted advertisements.

Cross-selling: While automation can help track previous purchases and user experiences, AI can take purchase information and make predictions on the potential for additional sales while automation can help track these purchases. It can identify whether a customer is a potential candidate for other products or services and establish which products a customer might be in the market for next.

Retention: AI can help retain the existing customer base by offering marketers with a better understanding of customer needs. Additional to the CRM platform, AI can provide a more complete, actionable picture of current customers. While customers will appreciate the personalized services, they are offered with and are more like to become loyal customers.

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Re-engaging Past Customers: AI can provide insight into how and why a customer left, and help determine the best way to reconnect. For instance, it can be used to send an email with product recommendations based on a customer’s purchase history, or inform them of any relevant price drops. 

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