Artificial Intelligence - The Next Phase of Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The evolution of web-enabled devices has brought forth a drastic change in the marketing process. Consistent interaction with online devices leaves a user susceptible to advertisements that sway the decision making path. With artificial intelligence and machine learning in play, the brands now have various methods for targeting their ads to the right customer at the right time. Machine learning analyzes the market data, learning and predicting the behavior of the customer. The artificial intelligence platform then integrates and updates the content of the advertisements, customizing it to suit the needs and interests of the subscribers.

Clarity, connectivity, and timing are essential for a brand to run a successful advertising campaign. The rapid experimentation across multiple channels like online videos enables the AI platform to find and post trending content pertaining to the audience’s interest. By leveraging the search queries, a brand can display relevant information to assist the customer in buying the product. The era of machine learning coupled with artificial intelligence has introduced automated email campaigns that offer alternative channels for communications like SMS text messaging as per the convenience of the customers.

Customer acquisition and retention can be boosted with right time marketing, ensuring seamless customer experiences. This is based on the concept of 4 R’s: Right person, Right channel, Right moment, and Right answer. The ability of AI to identify the right customer within the in-market purchase signals helps brands amass descriptive attributes to market their product at the right moment. Since the customers switch between devices, multi-channel targeting will handle finding the right channel to research and track purchases of a customer. But, too many advertisement messages irritate a customer. So the AI platform integrates the data options onto multiple channels, providing the customers with the right answer to their needs.

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