Advertising Software from Newscycle Redefines the Marketing Campaigns

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Advertisements often referred to as the nervous system of the business world has got all the more flashy and capturing with its social media wing. Fueling the engine of marketing, Newscycle has released a new advertising software that focuses on user experience, digital ad management, and multi-channel workflow enhancements to increase the productivity.

The tool consolidates range of technologies, a CRM dashboard, and user interface enhancements designed to alleviate the functional efficiency. The software also has several offering in its store for media companies, by providing them deeper insights into sales performance with goal-measurement tracking; all designed to improve sales forecasting and reporting.

Adding on to this reinforcement, the company now includes a new tablet ad-booking feature for OneView browser application with supports for numerous segments of field sales reps, in-house salespeople and also managers.

Major highlights of the release includes sales performance and opportunity workflow reporting tools, and the new CRM dashboard gives sales persons more accurate market visibility of sales funnels, revenue opportunities and goal progress. It is followed by subsequent reporting of goals per sales rep, and per print or digital goal type, which ensures a significant progress tracking for managers to adjust sales efforts as requirements. .

The software package also provides an enhanced digital inventory tools which streamlines the process of booking digital inventory. The new categories which are merged into Digital Inventory screen include the Tax ID, IC Number, Invoice Number, Promo Code and Joint Ad Number. Visual indicators are also added as improvements to the calendar in the Ad Specification area, which makes it easier to select run dates.

The Adobe Photoshop Plug-In incorporated is a special highlight of the release. digital ads into MediaLink, streamlining digital ad production. After which Photoshop can be launched directly from MediaLink, and the ad components edited and saved directly back into the system.

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