Advantages of Content Marketing with AI and ML technologies

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Content MarketingContent has been the soul of any marketing strategy. To attract and convert prospects into consumers and consumers into repeat buyers is closely related to the type of content (material) you share and sell. How does content marketing bring profits? Why is more importance given to content marketing? Will content marketing be able to hold the graph in the long run? All these questions arise when companies want to invest in any content marketing strategies.

85-90 percent of business companies use content marketing strategies presently. But they always face the challenge to find effective content marketing. Over the past decade, marketing technology has evolved with active developments like cost-effective cognitive APIs by Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and other companies being the creation of public-available. These APIs operate on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies for both internal operations and consumer-facing solutions.


Content is always streamlining on digital platforms. To embed the processing power of this functionality into the CMS is in the form of modified Chatbot. These tools help in publishing content efficiently. The standard image-processing capabilities currently in Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies analyze various kinds of marketing automation tactics required for content variations and image auto-tagging.

Auto-tagging future posts or content with a higher accuracy rate allows the authoring team to create more content from the client’s needs and targeted audiences. Primed applications of AI and machine learning technologies for specific areas such as; faceted image search using image processing (face and object detection), Natural Language Processing and speech-to-text (Chatbot-enabled CMS workflow) and content tagging using different classifications models.


Providing Awareness, Research, Consideration, and Buying are the four essential logical strategies adopted by the companies to sell which answers “why is more importance given to content marketing?” in a nutshell. AI-enabled applications and networks help in creating content with infographics, webpages, podcasts, and videos. Great content with value-added services grows more audiences and clients benefitting profits and more productivity.

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