Mapping Customer Journeys with Machine Learning

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Businesses throughout the world are rapidly being digitized. The advent of digitization of business operations has made the companies adopt a more customer-centric and personalized offering model, as opposed to its traditional model of focusing only on profits. Customer journeys are an essential factor in improving results in all customer-related KPIs. The analyzing of a series of customer events, commitment toward a particular brand or product, monthly purchases that are made, and the frequency of taking assistance from the customer service helps in mapping the customer journeys accurately.

Profitable growth for any enterprise depends on the journey undertaken by its customers to become potential buyers of the products and services offered by the company. The analyzing of a customer journey is thus crucial to generating profits in any business. Customer journeys can be successfully comprehended through accumulating and analyzing a vast amount of data. The challenge most businesses face is the use of human intelligence in data analysis. It is highly impossible for a human brain to comprehend such a wide range of data. It is here that machine learning comes in handy. The use of machine learning solutions helps to study and scrutinize the pattern that is highlighted in the collected information.

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ML further helps to understand and map the various events that lead to a more significant purchase, from the perspective of the enterprises. The facts that are discerned to be more valuable simultaneously lead to a more substantial investment. ML also helps to track the customer’s commitment to a product or brand, by tracking the post-purchase experience of the customer.

The priority of the enterprises should always be in sync with their customers’ needs. The value of a customer is the most vital key performance indicator for any business. ML allows a successful value system by helping enterprises to operate in real-time. The customer value is further enhanced by providing a two-fold opportunity for the buyers. Online websites should promote offers to the buyers quickly and effectively to transform them into potential customers. The companies should also ensure a smooth flow of communication between the buyers and the enterprises.

ML techniques indeed provide a greater understanding of the customers’ journey and help maintain a consistent relation between the buyer and the enterprises. 

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