Magnificent Marketing: Redefining Lead Generation

David Reimherr, Founder & CEO, Magnificent MarketingDavid Reimherr, Founder & CEO
Years back, David Reimherr played a crucial role in helping a printing and publishing company grow to new heights by leveraging his marketing expertise. During this period, he recognized the growing content marketing opportunities across industries and went on to establish a marketing company of his own, Magnificent Marketing. His firm today empowers clients to increase their web traffic and foster highly qualified leads by following a ‘mantra’ of “blending old school and new school to create the best school of thought” in the marketing space. “We combine the latest trends like intent based searches with traditional techniques such as promo mailing gifts to empower lead generation,” explains Reimherr, Founder and CEO, Magnificent Marketing. The company addresses sales and marketing challenges of clients and frees up their time so they can focus on running their core business. “Our objective is to generate leads that turn into customers by expanding the visibility of the company and positioning them to be ‘top of mind’ for potential clients.”

Magnificent Marketing helps marketers develop a powerful content marketing plan that meets their business objectives and helps them reach the search pages of their target audiences. As part of its content marketing solution, the company designs a strategy for content based on the needs of the client. This encompasses key areas regarding the target audience and the type of content and publishing channels. Magnificent Marketing then undertakes research to identify the most searched words relevant to the client’s expertise in addition to having extensive conversations with their clients to find out what questions are literally being asked by their customers and then develops a content plan incorporating both. Once a plan is devised, the required content is prepared in the form of articles, blog posts, landing pages, and guides with SEO value to drive traffic to client’s website.

We combine the latest trends like intent based searches with traditional techniques such as promo mailing gifts to empower lead generation

“This can fuel online content calendar for months, making consistency a key component in their marketing efforts,” asserts Reimherr. At the same time, the company’s solution allows clients to publish the content in a variety of formats such as videos, infographics, and data visualizations, to attract new audiences on diverse social media channels. “We enable clients to distribute content beyond their website—through social media, pay per click advertising, and many other channels.”

Clients can measure the impact of their content marketing efforts through the solution that examines the metrics, showing pages with highest traffic, keyword growth, and search volume. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enable marketers to keep an eye on their performance to modify their efforts in case the marketing plan underperforms, and boost ROI from their investments. “We do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach, but a customized approach for each client,” says Reimherr. Alongside content marketing, Magnificent Marketing offers services on individual projects such as email marketing, social media, and web design development for clients that require a single service rather than complete marketing solution.

Reimherr brings over two decades of sales, marketing, strategy and branding experience to the table. His skills and knowledge have helped numerous companies achieve their sales goals through content marketing. “We plan, create, manage and publish valuable, relevant, consistent content on a managed schedule, positioning the client as a thought leader,” states Reimherr. Moving ahead, Magnificent Marketing is developing a web application for publishing in the content marketing space. “With the new offering we will become a full fledged marketing agency and technology company,” he concludes.