engageSimply: MarTech Overtakes AdTech

Judy Shapiro, CEO/Founder, engageSimplyJudy Shapiro, CEO/Founder
Adtech, adiverse set of technologies managing display, video, and mobile digital advertising campaigns, has been ruling the advertising industry for the last 6-7 years. But adtech is fragmented and unfocused, breaking down the marketing process into small functions that are difficult to manage cohesively.

This fracturing of marketing into a lot of adtech pieces is giving rise to the next generation “marketing tech”—or martech—which leverages integrated technology, analytics, and real time data to target an audience in real time. Per Judy Shapiro, CEO/ Founder of engageSimply, “Martech is the process of marketing animated through technology.” This martech process worldview is expressed in engageSimply’s flagship product Programmatic Plus—a content marketing platform that lets brands plan, place and monetize content in one accountable, data driven platform.

Today, B2B and e-Commerce organizations—the sweet spot for engageSimply—live and die by content marketing because it is how to build trust between a brand and its potential customers. The challenge for brands is that they lack data tools to understand how to target and reach real time audiences interested in very specific topics. The gap in effective topic targeting is because virtually all adtech uses targeting that are demo’s/ cookies oriented with some capability to target very narrow keywords or very broad interest classifications.

Programmatic Plus changes the game by focusing on the human process of content marketing. The solution is a frictionless platform that manages the entire content planning, content ad placement and performance achievement. The innovation of Programmatic Plus is their creation of a new class of data to help brands produce content that can ensure scalable reach and efficient monetization. Now brands can target real-time topic-engaged audiences with analytics built in at every step to link together topics development through sales—from click to close.

Programmatic Plus represents one of the first true martech ventures by taking a systems level approach to content planning, programmatic placement and performance—all in one platform—from click to close

engageSimply’s solution is disrupting the adtech approach to marketing in three key ways: 1) technology to authenticate digital audiences ensuring brands can trust the reach delivery metrics; 2) First to market with true contextual ad placement where natural language processing technology “reads” web content in real-time and matches topic-aligned brand ads; and 3) First martech content marketing solution that gives advertisers ability to plan, place and monetize content on one platform for optimum efficiency.

Leading brands have turned to Programmatic Plus to gain control over their content development and distribution costs. An example of success for engageSimply is a very large management consulting company that was spending heavily on content development since they had no data to tell them what type of content to develop. By using the Brand Wisdom planning module of Programmatic Plus, engageSimply was able to identify the topics that were most monetizable and reduce their content development budget by about 30 percent. Savings was the result of analyzing data and identifying the most valuable content for their audience and where the marketing opportunities were.

Moving forward, the roadmap of engageSimply is focused on improving the trust relationship between agencies, media platforms and advertisers. But from a technical perspective, Judy Shapiro has a vision. “Imagine a content centric dashboard where consumers can identify what topics they are interested in. Then our machines can attach advertising to that content—and because the ads are truly contextually relevant—it will be a welcome part of that user’s content stream.”