Contently: A Panoramic Approach to Content Marketing

Joe Coleman, CEO, ContentlyJoe Coleman, CEO
For HotPads, a real-estate based startup with just 400 views per month on its website, an increased blog traffic of 4000 percent in a diminutive period of seven months was nothing short of a Herculean achievement. The single feat took them from being a venture of three college friends, aimed at creating a rental marketplace with a map-based search; to a robust brand publication, that sourced hyper-local content from personas in several neighborhoods, increasing their audience exponentially. No, they did not opt for any paid promotion campaigns; instead they wanted to focus on a cross-promotion distribution strategy. “Contently allowed us to hit all our targets—all of our top ten cities and more,” says Joanna McGuire, Content Marketing Manager of HotPads. Contently provides an end-to-end enterprise platform focused on content marketing, allowing user to leverage an editorial platform, work flow systems, engagement metrics study, and a pool of hyper-local creative talent. The software platform grinds together expertise, cutting edge technology, and real endpoint goals to allow organizations approach their content marketing venture in a comprehensive, planned, and well defined way.

“On one side we had brands that needed expertise for content marketing and public relations; on the other, we had journalists and content creators that can’t find work, and needed to connect. We had to help these two groups connect, integrally and cohesively. This was the impetus for us to begin Contently,” says Joe Coleman, CEO of Contently.

The Contently platform transcends beyond just finding quality content creators, in that it empowers them throughout the content marketing process, beginning with the creation phase. The platform underpins and streamlines the basic steps involved in content conception—right from the ideation phase, all across transcriptions, writing, editing, collaborations, and so on—up to the final revisal and approval stages.

Our model is to help brands create and manage premium content that allows them to reach and connect to their own audiences

The platform specifically encourages, and not just allows, cross-organization collaboration, in terms of feedbacks, advocating, and other hierarchical processes across the platform. With the asset management module, the files can be tagged with relevant details—author, date, draft number, status, and timelines—allowing the user to search for the relevant content in a wide variety of keywords.

The next step involves publishing of the content in a plethora of channels, as is with content marketing. Contently supports advanced integrations with social media platforms, CRM software, CMS software, and blogs. The integration is agnostic of the media types, supporting GIF filled posts, text based articles, video presentations, and podcasts. When connected to the CRM platform, the implications are decisive in nature—content takes on its true power as a lead generation mechanism with this integration. The customizable analytics dashboard allows the user to create personalized metrics, track them, and perform actions based on the insights, all within the same plane of view. The complete process of creation, publishing, optimization of content for marketing purposes fit coherently under the umbrella of Contently, allowing their customers to effectively impact their audience.

“Our model is to help brands create and manage premium content that allows them to reach and connect to their own audiences. The market has definitely moved in our favor, with rising interest in content marketing,” Coleman says, as he summarizes the prospect for his venture. “We are moving to a strategy where technological tools will replace most of our monitoring hands-on approach to tasks. We now leverage technology to ensure we surface the best writers and content creators and make sure they get regular work.” Certainly, in a space still infested with challenges of broken networks and process inefficiency, Contently comes as a crusader to all the stakeholders, driving value through a solution that is simple, scalable, and lucrative.