Percolate: The Content Marketing Powerhouse

Noah Brier, Co-founder & CEO, PercolateNoah Brier, Co-founder & CEO Effective marketing needs exceptional harmony between the marketing teams and technology. When the two entities work together in perfect unison, the result is— content that captivates and inspires audiences. Percolate is ‘The System of Record for Marketing’ for some of the world’s biggest brands. It is a centralized suite of tools built for efficiency, creativity, and control. The company provides the means necessary for marketers to achieve their goals, performance after performance. Unilever realized the power of Percolate when they faced challenges in ensuring brand consistency. The partnership forged between Unilever and Percolate helped the consumer goods company improve their performance across 15 markets via powerful social content, leading to improvements in engagement, gains in efficiency, and across-the-board enhancement in brand consistency.

“At Percolate we have a vision to redefine marketing through technology and a mission to be every brand’s content marketing platform,” begins James Gross, Co-founder and President, Percolate. “We do this by providing technology to a brand across planning, inspiration, sourcing, creation, publishing, monitoring, and analytics. If that sounds like a lot, it is.”

"The only way for marketers to gain visibility and manage the complexity is to have a single system that captures the activities of their teams and agencies"

Led by the dynamic co-founding duo, Noah Brier and James Gross, the company has seen incredible growth since its incorporation in 2011 with clients ranging from Airbnb, Pinterest, and ad conglomerate WPP. “Find the biggest challenge marketers have. We have found that with content, the atomic unit of marketing. Similar to how Salesforce built technology to help the sales department manage contacts, Percolate helps marketers create and manage content. When you solve the content challenge, you have the ability to work across the entire marketing department,” adds Gross.

Creating Remarkable Content

Percolate is an end-to-end platform for content creation and brand publishing. With Percolate, marketing teams can brief and create custom blog posts, photos, infographics, ad creative, and videos from Percolate’s integrated marketplace. Users can edit and customize visuals with the Percolate Image Editor and capture memorable photos and videos in real-time with Percolate’s mobile Photographer app for iOS and Android.

The platform has been designed for efficiency from the ground up to simplify and accelerate the marketing workflow. From recommended content and pre-programmed branding to collaborative calendaring and re-usable conversation templates, Percolate streamlines every step of the marketing process, helping teams deliver more effective results, faster. The company assists firms enhance their brand and capture customer attention using their integrated publishing and paid media tools to distribute content to organic and paid social, websites, marketing automation, WordPress and Drupal blogs, or any other marketing channel.

At Percolate we have a vision to redefine marketing through technology and a mission to be every brand’s content marketing platform

According to Brier, branding may be an overused term, however it is the key to getting consumers to believe in a firm’s products and services, and ensuring loyalty. Brier explains, “What a brand really does is allow you to sell products at a premium.” That is to say, if a firm believes in the product or service it is selling, then branding is a way to solidify consumer trust. “Everyone is trying to figure out how much the right amount of content is,” continues Brier. “All we know is it’s more than it used to be, and budgets aren’t growing. Brands are asking their creative partners to create 10 times the content, but they don’t have 10 times the money to support it.” Brier and Percolate empower marketers and branding professionals to be at their innovative best and stay a step ahead of the competition.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

Percolate‘s team realizes that the marketing team tends to lag behind other organizational departments when it comes to leveraging advanced, customized technology tools. The company is driven to change that with its unique software that cuts across content marketing, social media management, and applications that manage specific marketing tasks, such as campaign performance. In essence, the company hopes to provide a single orchestration point where marketers can juggle dozens of marketing and advertising tools. “What we want to provide the CMO is not just performance insights about how the content is capturing audience’s attention, we want to go a step further and analyze the planning and production process and how we can enhance it,” adds Gross.

Percolate’s newly enhanced System of Record for Marketing gives marketers a single, unified system to plan, create, and execute all their marketing endeavors. “Right now, there are a bunch of simple questions that are really difficult for marketers to answer: What is my team working on? What campaigns are live across our marketing channels? How is the content performing?” comments Brier. “The only way for marketers to gain visibility and manage the complexity is to have a single system that captures the activities of their teams and agencies.
James Gross, Co-founder & President, PercolateJames Gross, Co-founder & PresidentThe added features give marketers a new way to connect their various brands and regions, systematize routine marketing activities, and measure their results in the way that makes the most sense to them.”

Through the platform’s features like Program Templates, the campaigns a marketer creates throughout a year follow a similar pattern of milestones and deliverables, and they don’t have to recreate the wheel every time. Program Templates allow marketers to have pre-configured workflows, deliverables, and approvals for the marketing programs they use most often. Whether it is a repeating event, a weekly blog post, or a seasonal multi-channel campaign, they can now quickly reference what has worked well in the past, efficiently organize their teams and agencies, and focus more of their time on the creative and strategic work of brand building.

Meanwhile, the new and revamped Percolate Analytics platform features a visual report builder and interactive dashboards that give marketers insights into the performance of their social and content marketing. Unlike traditional products that focus exclusively on engagement metrics, Percolate Analytics provides operational analytics, which allow marketing leaders to tie the team’s activities to their results. Marketers can analyze all data within Percolate based on marketing characteristics, and discover insights around audiences, customers, products, and content themes.

Built by Marketers for Marketers

Percolate is an exceptional tool for streamlining and managing the creation of marketing assets. Many big global brands, including GE and MasterCard are captivated with Percolate’s ability to simplify the complexities of content marketing. A GE representative noted that Percolate gives their business teams enhanced access to content and resources that benefit lead generation and help build a halo for the brand.

Percolate has adopted a systems thinking approach to tackling problems, “Systems thinking is a holistic approach to problem-solving which seeks to understand how the various elements of a system interact and operate together,” states Brier. “More than just breaking down silos between business functions, it looks for the connections between each moving part of a business process—marketing, for example.” Looking to the future, Percolate is determined to continue being the thoughtful technology company that Brier and Gross set out to build—creating intuitive software that breaks the boundaries of marketing and works the same way marketers work.
- Eileen Singh
    April 11, 2017