Cintell: Customer-Centricity with Persona Insights

Katie Martell, Co-founder & CMO, CintellKatie Martell, Co-founder & CMO
In the current age of information search, it is vital for organizations to generate consistent and relevant content to draw the interest of buyers and formulate marketing regimes. With conventional marketing tactics slowly but surely becoming inept, it is obvious for forward-thinking marketers to employ fresh marketing logistics to ensure the growth of their enterprise. Cintell was born to serve a similar purpose whereby companies can leverage their investments to create more focused operations. The brainchild of Apparao Karri and Katie Martell, this start-up was initiated to help business-to-business enterprises understand their customers by means of a Buyer Persona and accelerate sales through customer-centric marketing. The company has developed a cloud-based customer intelligence platform which supports companies to maintain a rich database and share their insights with stakeholders, thus carving their way towards a customer-oriented world.

The company’s co-founder and CMO, Katie Martell, foregrounds the significance of buyer persona, denoting it as a powerful tool to drive qualified leads and tailor messaging content. In her view, Cintell endeavors to understand buyers beyond their job title like their personality, motivations, authority, responsibilities and other attributes comprising buyer personas. This, in turn, aids the buyers to comprehend, segment, and position the sales and marketing processes in a systematic manner as per the needs of the company. The final outcome is a new layer of intelligence, which if coupled with buyer personas, can serve marketers in retaining a clearly-defined audience.

Katie also remarks that a persona-based approach is functional in yielding almost double the average sales pipeline, with the help of customized messaging.

Cintell integrates with existing business workflows and systems in order for enterprises to distribute the contextual customer insights across their systems

It involves the buyer more effectively through the use of valuable and informative content intended to meet their prospects, ultimately steering lucrative customer action. Furthermore, this marketing strategy also augments the productivity of sales, which is a result of a shared agreement between marketing, sales, and product. What is most impressive about this approach though is the fact that it transforms the marketer into a subject matter expert as he strives to operationalize inputs from customers and make customer-centric decisions. In this context, Katie remarks that in Cintell, personas lead to more empathy and are a vehicle for customer-centricity.

Cintell integrates with existing business workflows and systems in order for enterprises to distribute the contextual customer insights across their systems. Unlike others in the market, Cintell favors the creation of live, digital buyer personas or SmartPersonas over static PDFs and cumbersome PowerPoint slides. Teaming up with Marketo, a leading automation software firm, they have built a mode to uncover outdated personas and continuously validate and streamline the existing personas based on campaign behavior and lead activity. In addition, Cintell harnesses the power of big data analytics to acquire third-party insights and keep track of the changing needs and preferences. The company has a record of surveying more than 30 personality traits via IBM Watson and mapping over half a million content topics through Bombora, a provider of B2B demographic and intent-based data. Moreover, Cintell partners with Eloqua and Salesforce to facilitate enterprises with operational tools like CRM and Marketing Automation that allows them to run persona-based marketing campaigns.

Equipped with the right intellect and the best of evolving technologies, Cintell exhibits stellar growth in the domain of content marketing. In days to come, Cintell looks forward to maximize the impact of personas and foray deeper into the realm of demand generation, content marketing, and sales enablement.