Livehouse: Tailoring Highly Engaging and Secure Virtual and Hybrid Events

Most businesses continue to leverage the benefits of online events to interact and connect with their peers even though the world is slowly adapting to the new normal. However, it needs to be noted that creating and maintaining a "connected experience" through virtual events during the pandemic's peak was a challenge. The lack of the proper technical infrastructure and expertise and concerns regarding the data security and privacy of video content shared across platforms have made it challenging for businesses to continue with virtual events. Helping the enterprises to meander is Livehouse. Based out of Køge, Denmark, Livehouse has been working persistently to push the boundaries of live events and streaming through its proprietary, GDPR compliant, fully customizable state-of the-art Event Management Platform solutions.

Livehouse has demonstrated its ability to deliver innovative and secure Event Management Platform to businesses. Through its global network of highly dedicated and seasoned employees, Livehouse provides end-to end services to curate a flexible, cost-effective, and high quality Event Management Platform to create an engaging experience throughout the duration of various physical, virtual, and hybrid events. Whether hosting a physical, virtual, or hybrid event, Livehouse grants users complete control of the entire event process and works closely with them from the initial planning phase to the post-event. With a decade of experience, the company's developers built its proprietary Event Management Platform to offer a host of multiple features that enable users to increase engagement and interaction amongst their audiences. The platform's customizable nature allows users to create engaging presentations with polls, chats, 3D universes, greenscreen recordings and other more for their audiences.

A unique aspect of the platform is its ultra-low latency rate of 1.5 and 2 seconds for live streams, which is one of the best in the industry.

Furthermore, Livehouse's event management platform enables users to monitor events on a data visualization dashboard in real-time and create a report on key metrics such as session engagement, attendance rates, and much more post-event.
With no use of third party vendors, the user has full ownership of all data for GDPR compliance which is a huge factor in Europe and other markets as well. “Not only do we provide the technology with the Event Management platform which hold various elements as webinar, meetings and events but behind the system is highly skilled technical and support resources who will hold your hand all the way if necessary. Customer satisfaction and trust is our prime focus and this makes us really unique within this field” concludes Lene Jorgensen, CMO at Livehouse.

Not only do we provide the technology with the Event Management platform which hold various elements as webinar, meetings and events but behind the system is highly skilled technical and support resource’s who will hold your hand all the way if necessary

In a case that demonstrates the efficacy of Livehouse's platform--a prominent jewelry brand needed to carry out an annual conference for over 1000 employees virtually during the pandemic. The company had a 100 percent customizable event management platform with a focus on interaction and connectivity among the participants. During the three day virtual store manager conference, approximately 1,100 employees participated in the conference. The client successfully conducted various Q&A sessions, workshops, and general session presentations for their online event, thanks to Livehouse's expertise while also decreasing their carbon footprint and travel expenditures. The current scenario of remote working, carbon neutrality strategy, and increasing GDPR compliance strongly depicts the vitality of Livehouses' Event Management Platform as the future of office meetings, webinars and conferences. As businesses are becoming well-versed in virtual events, Livehouse's extensive experience curating seamless live interactions will greatly be instrumental in designing and operating secure and highly engaging events.
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Køge, Denmark

Lene Jorgensen, CMO at Livehouse

Livehouse is a leading Event Management Platform solutions provider specializing in hybrid and virtual events