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Bob Vaez- President and CEO, EventMobiBob Vaez- President and CEO
There can be several elements that contribute to the success of any event. For instance, knowing the purpose and the audience of your event as well as selecting the right venue, suitable timing and a well-planned timeline of the event. However, though planning the whole event might seem effortless, the execution of the whole process can be daunting. Besides, nowadays, events are mostly online and remote due to the pandemic. Business firms and associations usually find it an onerous task to schedule and implement events online. This is where event management platforms come to the rescue. EventMobi is one such event management platform that has abetted associations, agencies and corporations to deliver engaging professional events. The company manages its clients in in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with everything from Event Apps to the Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform and a full spectrum of customer support and virtual event production services.

EventMobi functions with a mission to help its customers create incredible event experiences. With more than 12 years of experience, the company regularly updates its event management software to provide planners with the easiest and most effective event tech solutions. Event organisers can easily plan, market, monetize, and execute compelling virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences using EventMobi's end-to-end event management platform. The company has several products and services in its portfolio including the virtual and hybrid solution comprising virtual events platform, hybrid events platform, EventMobi studio and apps. Besides, there is an event management software, event management app and event marketing with social media dashboard. 10,000+ event planners in 72 countries have used the EventMobi platform, which includes a website, registration, and an award-winning event app, as well as the Virtual Space and fully managed online event production.

Since 2009, EventMobi has been leveraging tools and services to execute their best in-person conferences, internal kick-offs, tradeshows, and product launches. This has enabled the firm to navigate an entire event lifecycle and also earn a vast client base.
One such instance exemplifies the success story of how The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) achieved 90 percent mobile app engagement with attendees. CSAE is Canada’s premiere association advocate. The organization provides association professionals and volunteers with tools, resources, and education to help them flourish. However, the challenge posed by CSAE was, since sponsors and exhibitors accounted for a large portion of CSAE's event revenue and overall event experience, it was critical to be able to provide a variety of creative technological alternatives that would appeal to both. Additionally, attendees also started to anticipate a seamless event experience via an app, where they can access information at any time, network with other attendees and vendors, and submit feedback to session speakers and event organisers. This dilemma led CSAE to hunt an event app provider that could help increase attendee engagement and EventMobi became a lifesaver. CSAE deployed the EventMobi’s gamification feature to create an impactful experience and increase attendee engagement.
  • 10,000+ event planners in 72 countries have used the EventMobi platform, which includes a website, registration, and an award-winning event app, as well as the Virtual Space and fully managed online event production

Sponsors, exhibitors, and CSAE staff members supplied trivia questions for the gamification element. Attendees were urged to engage with sponsor and exhibitor representatives at the event to receive the answers in order to win points. Sponsors and showcase exhibitors contributed 25 prizes, which encouraged guests to play the game and earn points. Many of the assignments required networking with sponsors and exhibitors, as well as visiting their booths, in order to get points. To obtain real-time feedback and insight, CSAE employed session and overall event feedback surveys. During their sessions, speakers and moderators pushed the feedback surveys in the app, and event organisers sent out reminders for overall event feedback. CSAE used to send out their evaluations by email before utilising EventMobi. Attendee feedback has grown since using the EventMobi app function.

This customer-centric company offers open and integrated event management platform that enables the clients to use tools that are most appropriate for their events. Their new virtual and hybrid event solutions continue to reshape how event marketers and planners organise, manage, and execute events in the same way that EventMobi's first event app altered the attendee experience and onsite engagement almost a decade ago.
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Bob Vaez- President and CEO

EventMobi's end-to-end event management platform makes it easy for event organizers to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences