GDS Communication: Boosting Healthcare Event Management with Next-Gen Tech

Paolo Bellocco, Managing Director, GDS CommunicationPaolo Bellocco, Managing Director Imagine a healthcare event powered by cutting-edge technologies. As the invitees enter the venue, elegant light strips illuminate the hallway while holographic figures fuelled by artificial intelligence and augmented reality welcome the guests. After taking their seats, the audience’s gaze is pulled towards the massive LED screens that begin showing an engaging product video in 3D. The screens dim and the sounds fade, before a circular platform with the product emerges from below the floor. As the brand executives unveil their new item, a scaled-up holographic projection lights up the venue, exhibiting the product in clear detail. When the event concludes, the audience is still in their seats, wanting more.

This is not something from a sci-fi movie but rather a glimpse of the in-person and virtual events that can be facilitated by GDS Communication—a technology-driven communication and marketing firm.

GDS Communication empowers clients from the pharma, healthcare, and medtech sectors to host futuristic and engaging in-person and virtual events, including patient awareness campaigns, medical conventions, healthcare conferences, and product launches. Rather than generalising its event management offerings to a broader client base, GDS exclusively focuses on fine-tuning its capabilities towards healthcare and pharma segments in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, like patients, caregivers, doctors, healthcare institutions, and medical associations.

“Our team of medtech and healthcare specialists—led by a medical director—ensures that all the information and resources leveraged for an event are in line with regulatory requirements, including GDPR,” says Paolo Bellocco, managing director, GDS Communication.

The Three Pillars of Successful Event Management

GDS understands that speech alone is not enough to engage the audience; it needs to be augmented with a visual presentation that can evoke emotions. The company, therefore, ensures that its events are informative as well as engaging by leveraging a three-layer strategy of how, where, and when.

“How do we capture audience interest? Which setting will be the most suitable for the event? On what day would the audience like to attend the event? We find the answers for these three questions before launching any virtual or in-person event for our clients,” says Gabriele Marelli, head of digital, GDS Communication.

To determine how to best pique the interest of a client’s target audience, GDS meticulously studies the brand, devises a suitable event concept, profiles the audience, and fosters coordination with the client’s marketing teams. For instance, if it is a product launch, the company begins its collaboration right from the branding stage, where it proposes a unique product name, and, based on it, devises an engaging concept for the launch event.
GDS’s graphic design team then develops invitations, banners, and totems, which are incorporated into the client’s website and app by the programming team to catch the target audience’s attention.

‘Where’ the event is hosted is crucial to garnering audience attention, and hence, GDS chooses a venue that can highlight the event. Whether it is personalising an open space for in-person events or modelling a 3D setting for virtual events, the team ensures that the venue can completely immerse the audience. For instance, if it is a particular pharma product that has to be launched, the creative team designs a laboratory-inspired setting, within which the product is projected and interlaid with the relevant information.

GDS further ensures audience participation by scheduling the events at a time ‘when’ most of the audience can be in attendance. The company assesses client requirements, including their time preferences, based on the information derived from the client CRMs, which are connected to its event management systems. Thus, by covering every possible angle, GDS is able to far exceed its clients’ expectations when it comes to audience engagement and lead generation.

Weathering the Pandemic with a Dedicated Virtual Platform

GDS’ three-pillar strategy was especially instrumental for healthcare, medical, and pharma clients during the pandemic. It enabled the company’s clients to host their crucial events virtually rather than having to cancel or postpone them. Where most organisations were leveraging basic video conferencing tools to connect with the audience remotely and conduct product launches and presentations using simple slideshows, GDS Communication presented their clients with a better alternative—a bespoke virtual event management platform.

We are one of the very few companies that have website programming, graphic design, and video streaming all under one roof

Threading the line between in-person and virtual, GDS’s platform is designed to bring the clients’ virtual events to life with realistic 3D-modelled venues and engaging graphics. It enables the clients to host their events in interactive virtual settings inspired by actual grand venues, which are modelled by GDS’s own graphic design team. Even though viewed from a screen or a VR device, these virtual events turn out to be as engaging as in-person events, if not more.

The virtual events managed through GDS’s platform are streamed using the company’s robust production technology. The keynote messages from different executives can be remotely broadcasted on the same virtual venue, all the while ensuring seamless cohesiveness to eliminate disruptions and maintain continuous audience engagement. GDS also provides external audience portals and virtual communication options through an ‘event app,’ where the audience can connect with each other or with the hosts before, during, and after the event. The app also offers additional content and material, which the audience can refer to throughout the event.
Such elaborate planning and execution not only involves, entertains, and awes the audience but also inspires them to tell others about it.

In addition, the virtual platform enables clients to achieve unprecedented levels of cost-effectiveness and flexibility, not to mention superior data collection and lead generation, which would not have been possible with conventional video-conferencing tools.

Relentless Focus on Centralisation and Security

“We are one of the very few companies that have website programming, graphic design, and video streaming all under one roof,” says Alice Baroffio, key account manager, GDS Communication. The company’s clients can rely on a single point for contact from initiation to conclusion rather than depending on the siloed solutions and strategies of multiple providers and decision-makers. The company’s ‘single sign-on for lifetime content management’ does not just apply to one event or project, as the clients can depend on the company to take care of all their future event management needs.
  • We are one of the very few companies that have website programming, graphic design, and video streaming all under one roof

GDS’s centralised event management approach also prioritises the security and regulatory requirements of the medtech, healthcare, and pharma segments. The flow of relevant data and content between GDS’s platform and the client’s information systems—like CRM or EDM—is secure and straightforward. As there is no dependence on third-party solutions during an event management project, GDS is able to easily adhere to data integrity, compliance, and security policies. The company’s ISO 27001 certification, especially, corroborates its usage of information security management best practices when leveraging client data.

Ushering Clients into the Future of Audience Engagement

The event management prowess of GDS can also be attributed to the company’s team of medical content specialists, graphic designers, programmers, and videographers, who are all dedicated to telling a client’s brand story through events that resonate with the audience and generate the highest number of leads. Their motivation is also reflected in GDS’s experienced leadership team, which is always attentive to the well-being of people, whether they are customers, partners, employees or collaborators.

Augmenting its position as an industry leader for medtech, healthcare, and pharma communication and marketing, GDS will continue innovating and incorporating emerging technologies to help clients expand their customer base. Witnessing the customer engagement and superior lead generation facilitated by GDS’s platform, an increasing number of businesses that had postponed or cancelled their live events are taking them virtual with great success. Virtualisation is indeed the future of event management, and GDS is proving just that.
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