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Maiko Kojima, CEO and Founder, ChatBookMaiko Kojima, CEO and Founder
Social media has become one of the most prominent and influential virtual spaces where platforms, nowadays, are not only used for social networking but also for conducting digital advertisements and marketing campaigns. Over 50 per cent of the global population actively uses social media platforms, providing marketers with an opportunity to digital reach a substantial fraction of potential customers. Although using social media is very straightforward, utilising it for marketing purposes is a horse of a different colour. Businesses often struggle to engage audiences on these platforms, spend large amounts of money and time, and generate mediocre results. Helping companies effectively engage leads and automate communications across several social media platforms from a single dashboard is ChatBook.

ChatBook has provided marketing automation assistance to several brands over the last decade, from enterprises to even startups. The company enables its clients to deploy chatbots that automate conversations across different platforms and are integrated within the CRM. ChatBook provides complete visibility into customers’ behaviour by tracking their activity on websites and generating beneficial insights. The integration of CRM with the marketing automation tool enables users to respond to each lead in a personalised manner. Users are not required to learn any code or programming languages. Companies can collect data from a variety of devices. Since the chatbots are no-code bots, they can implement the bots across any platform and communicate with customers via the platform they are comfortable with. Consumer behaviour and analytics can be utilised to strategise effective campaigns and offer a seamless experience to the customers. The tool enables users to build workflows and scenarios for leads to close sales, automate text responses or emails, and set up appointments or reminders to keep track of the conversations.

Integrating multiple platforms with the CRM, ChatBook offers a unified inbox where users can manage all customer conversations

Even the customers can book time on the user’s calendar, and it syncs within the company. ChatBook enables comprehensive analysis of traffic where businesses can check inflow routes, the number of visits, and conversion from different pages, all in a single platform. ChatBook bots are available for websites, Facebook pages, LINE Messenger, Instagram and is open to extensions with APIs.

ChatBook’s bots are compatible with LINE, which is Japan’s most popular SNS. CRM is integrated with LINE, and users can access the customer’s entire conversation journey, from website to LINE. All subsequent chats can be centrally managed in the tool, accelerating promotional activities. ChatBook also integrates easily with Facebook and enables users to track the efficiency of their Facebook Ads. The platform automates messages on Facebook messenger that offers potential customers a seamless experience. The tool supports text messages, videos, GIFs, carousels, multiple selections, and real-time bi-directional synchronisation with Google Calendar and embedded forms. Since Instagram has over 50 million active users in Japan, ChatBook developed an efficient API that automates DM and and reactions to story mentions. Businesses can also communicate with leads via CRM to offer customers a better buying experience. Analysing consumer behaviour, ChatBook offers automated and smart product recommendations that potential customers may want to purchase. This simplifies the process for the lead, who can review the product and add the item to their basket in a single place. It also saves the customer a lot of time and gives them additional options regarding the purchase. Integrating multiple platforms with the CRM, ChatBook offers a unified inbox where users can manage all customer conversations. The company is Japan’s only official Facebook chatbot provider and has integration with Salesforce, Marketo, SAP, Hubspot, and Slack. With such innovative and customer-centric functionalities, it is evident that ChatBook will soon become a sought after name, not only in APAC, but also in the global business community.
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Tokyo, Japan

Maiko Kojima, CEO and Founder

ChatBook provides marketing automation solutions based on Messenger bots that help organizations accelerate the lead generation, evaluation, management, completion and analysis among customers, sales and marketing teams. The company has raised funding from Salesforce Ventures, East Ventures, and Yahoo Japan Capital. ChatBook provides visibility into customer behaviour. By linking with other CRM, it is possible to respond to each person in a personalized manner. Customers collect information on a variety of devices. Clients can create new contacts and stay in touch with their customers on a platform that makes them feel comfortable