Tellscore: Empowering Businesses with AI-Driven Influencer Marketing

Suvita Charanwong, Co-Founder and CEO, TellscoreSuvita Charanwong, Co-Founder and CEO The word ‘influence’ has long remained synonymous with ‘celebrity endorsements.’ When a celebrity endorses a brand, a sudden element of legitimacy gets attached to its value, amplifying the brand recall and recognition. For instance, the iconic image of Michael Jordan with sneakers laced up on one of his shoulders invariably associates with the sports brand Nike. Similarly, David Beckham has been the face of Adidas for years, thanks to his lifetime deal with the sportswear manufacturer. And ever wondered why the TV and print campaigns of Diet Coke always coincide with Taylor Swift’s album releases?
Over the years, there have been many such phenomenally successful celebrity-brand associations. Celebrity endorsements have indeed been a powerful strategy for businesses to penetrate the market and differentiate their brands.

But then came the social media boom!

With the meteoric rise in networking and increased focus on consumer experiences, people began counting on their peers who tried and tested that product rather than irrationally leaning on celebrity commendations in advertisements. It subsequently passed the baton of influencing to a new line of content creators dominated by bloggers, vloggers, and YouTubers.

Micro-influencers have taken center stage of marketing today with their “guy/girl next door” image; when they vouch for a brand, their followers listen. Their loyal and engaged niche audience base gets a well-vetted product or service, and a brand, in turn, enjoys a more reliable user base. From a marketing point of view, micro-influencerbased marketing campaigns generate better ROI as well. Interestingly, this is a fact that businesses and marketing agencies are increasingly acknowledging. But, at the moment, their challenge lies in identifying such micro-influencers and onboarding and managing them throughout a campaign. That’s where Tellscore—a leading artificial intelligence (AI)- based influencer marketing automation platform—enters the picture.

With the assistance of Tellscore, businesses can automate the end-to-end workflow of their influencer marketing campaigns, from identifying and onboarding micro-influencers to management and measurement of their influencer campaigns. Tellscore enables companies to engage with the ideal micro-influencers for their brands swiftly and seamlessly. “Our core mission is to empower enterprises’ branding initiatives by helping them leverage the untapped potential of micro-influencer marketing,” says Suvita Charanwong, cofounder and CEO of Tellscore.

Facilitating AI-Driven Intelligent Influencer Onboarding

What drives Tellscore ahead of its competition in the influencer marketing space is its extensive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. To describe how the AI works, Suvita cites an instance. Let’s say a coffee brand has to promote its product, and its marketing personnel searches for a related keyword— coffee, for example—on the platform.

Consequently, the AI algorithm scans every relevant keyword associated with coffee on influencers’ social media content. It searches every post of the influencers for such keywords and calculates their affinity towards that particular product. Based on this information, Tellscore comes up with a pool of influencer candidates who are perfect for endorsing that product.

Tellscore enables businesses to engage with the ideal micro-influencers for their brands swiftly and seamlessly

Then, similar to the online experience delivered by e-commerce platforms, the marketing personnel can shortlist influencers (much like adding items to the shopping cart), input special instructions about the marketing campaign, and make the payment via various modes to get the campaign started; as simple as it sounds!

Underlining the efficacy of this AI-driven approach, Suvita mentions that her company has delivered 35 percent more accurate results when compared to manual analysis of marketing agencies. “While perpetual factors, such as the appearance of the influencer, could impact manual analysis, our AI-based platform provides the advantage of solely basing its results on the societal performance of the influencers,” she adds.

It is equally important to note that Tellscore’s inventive approach to influencer marketing doesn’t end with onboarding the ideal influencers for a campaign. Going the extra mile, Tellscore allows real-time reporting throughout the marketing funnel. From the general information, like the number of followers, engagement rates, and reach, to other metrics, including sign-ups/leads, apps download, click-tosite (CTR), and actual sales, Tellscore offers comprehensive real-time reporting throughout the influencer marketing campaigns.

The Leading Light For Micro-Influencers
Today, Tellscore has around 65,000 influencers in Thailand alone, making it the largest influencer platform in the country. But the scope of the impact Tellscore has on the influencer marketing space is beyond these numbers.

Notably, Tellscore is actively fostering influencer marketing in countries where they operate. In that regard, Tellscore’s Influencer Academy is playing a phenomenal role in improving the skills of influencers they onboard. Through online programs, the academy enables these influencers to enhance their selling capabilities and keep up that edge in marketing.

Establishing a Versatile Client Base

To say that Tellscore has become a lifeboat for the sinking marketing initiatives of small and medium enterprises (SME) today might be an understatement. Being one of the worsthit in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SMEs have been curbing their marketing expenditure. But Tellscore is turning the COVID crisis into an opportunity for SMEs. With Tellscore, SMEs can create a niche audience who are more inclined to buy their products. As they can find very cost-effective packages—that start as low as a couple of hundred dollars— SMEs have the ideal platform in Tellscore to revitalize their marketing initiatives.

At the same time, Tellscore is an integral part of digital marketing strategies in many big corporates and brands today. More enterprises are coming forward and demanding their marketing agencies to utilize Tellscore for managing their influencer marketing campaigns. On the corporate front, Tellscore is also set to offer a Corporate Advocate Program. The program would aid corporates in building their pool of influencers.“It will be more like a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for them. Corporates can onboard influencers as employees or customers and facilitate content management via Tellscore,” enthuses Suvita.

Making a Mark in even the Unconventional Sectors

The diverse range of sectors that Tellscore caters further signifies the versatile client base of the platform.
  • Tellscore is an integral part of digital marketing strategies in many big corporates and brands today

While Tellscore has a vast clientele in specific domains such as healthcare, beauty care, travel and hospitality, tech and gadgets, lifestyle, and so on, it has also succeeded in driving successful campaigns in rather unconventional sectors.

For instance, a client recently onboarded Tellscore to promote clean energy in Thailand. While sustainability is a complex area to target, it has been challenging to promote it in a country like Thailand, where renewable energy sources are often overlooked. Nevertheless, the campaign that Tellscore undertook has been a massive success. Tellscore has been able to collaborate with more than 5,000 influencers during the course of this campaign. Incredibly, the campaign has already reached more than 70 million people, at an engagement rate of over 45 percent.

Briefing on this massive feat, Suvita states, “One of the key call-to-action for the public through the campaign was to donate for solar panel installation in rural hospitals, which are hard hit by the pandemic.” Subsequently, together with the aid of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in the country and other promotional events, the campaign has implemented solar panels in 12 local hospitals so far. However, the true aim of the project is two-fold. As the campaign continues to stimulate the country to adopt clean energy, it also enables hospitals to save on electricity that can be used to procure medical equipment.

Holding Up Social Responsibility

Maintaining such a substantial stance in influencer marketing also brings considerable social responsibilities, to which Tellscore adequately keeps up. The platform, for instance, does not endorse alcoholic beverages (alcohol advertising is also illegal in Thailand), nor does it condone political temperaments. “We are very keen on building a clean community,” asserts Suvita.

On that front, Tellscore has a self-funded program that collaborates with seven universities in Thailand to educate students on fact-checking, fake news, cyberbullying, hate speech, conflict resolutions, and more. It’s becoming a significant movement in the country, with more universities starting to sign up and onboard the program to their curriculum. But that’s not all! Tellscore is also supporting non-profit organizations in promoting their projects and fundraising campaigns free of cost with the aid of influencers on the platform. “Large corporates can be a part of this program by providing a sponsorship amount. In return, they will be mentioned on that particular social campaign,” Suvita notes. Thereby, Tellscore presents an ideal corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunity for big corporates.

Riding on the coattails of these competencies, Tellscore is carving a niche as a reliable influencer marketing partner for influencers, enterprises, and marketing and ad agencies in a growing list of countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Suvita cites that the influencer marketing space is on the verge of a seismic shift. “Platforms that just focus on facilitating reviews and content is not sufficient in today’s influencer marketing landscape,” Suvita mentions. “Instead, what we offer enterprises in today’s evolving influencer marketing landscape is a completely automated platform that can drive high sales conversion rates by leaning on leading-edge technology,” she concludes.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Suvita Charanwong, Co-Founder and CEO

Tellscore provides businesses with an end-to-end platform that can automate the workflow of their influencer marketing campaigns, from identifying and onboarding micro-influencers to management and measurement of their influencer campaigns. Tellscore enables businesses to identify and engage the ideal micro-influencers for their brands swiftly and seamlessly. Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, Tellscore puts forth a highly efficient yet effortless influencer onboarding experience. With the Tellscore platform, businesses can also view potential engagement rates (likes, comments, and other post actions) of the added influencers, stream influencer profiles to reserve for the future, and change influencers in the wake of any incidents. Going the extra mile, Tellscore allows real-time reporting throughout the marketing funnel.