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Bruce Stronge, Founder & CEO, Outfit.ioBruce Stronge, Founder & CEO
In today’s competitive markets, customer relationship management, data analytics, and marketing automation are critical to success. Since the digital landscape is highly dynamic, companies need to adapt to the latest trends lest they lose relevance in their arenas. At the backdrop of this are marketing technology firms enabling quicker sales and helping businesses gain new customers and retain existing clients. As business across the globewere thrown into a tailspin when the pandemic hit, companies using new-age martech solutions were ahead of the curve with innovative marketing tech which helped them adjust to the “new normal.” Assisting brands in maintaining their brand image and effectively target new customer bases is Outfit.

The Brisbane-based Brand Management Automation solutions provider enables its clients to efficiently manage their brand image and self-create content. Outfit allows businesses to create on-brand marketing materials that can be quickly produced and accessed from any device. The platform has document and file sharing capabilities built-in for collaborative teams, who can seamlessly share content in the company’s social media channels. Outfit flawlessly integrates with users existing workflows and maintains brand consistency, speed to market, and reduced production cost. The complete marketing process can be streamlined so that users can focus more on the innovative and creative side of the procedure. With simplified operations, businesses can launch more campaigns without the need to outsource production. Users can audit the trail of their marketing campaigns and produce content that satisfies their customers and generates sales. In addition to the brand management solutions, Outfit offers integration facilities with client’s existing systems that enable them to efficiently implement the tool while saving time and cost.

Outfit flawlessly integrates with users' existing workflows and maintains brand consistency, enhances speed to market, and reduces production cost

Businesses can integrate Outfit into their existing DAM and CRM platforms and streamline their internal operations. The platform automatically and dynamically pulls in all data and generates documents using the user’s existing marketing stack. Businesses can publish on-brand content directly into the market without having to implement any additional setup. Outfit integrates with Salesforce, Salesforce marketing cloud, and Aprimo. Users can deploy exported social media optimised content into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without leaving Outfit. It also integrates with Google Drive, and clients can sync Outfit exports and marketing documents straight into the cloud storage and access them from any device. The company has a customer-centric approach and ensures that its clients make the most of its products; and therefore, it also offers highly configurable custom integration capabilities that allow users to integrate the platform with the solutions they require. Outfit’s platform is used by several enterprises, universities, and technology companies that value its proactive nature. The central marketing team of Durham University, one of the highest-ranked and oldest universities globally, was struggling to maintain the increasing demands of its academic departments and the college for marketing collateral while trying to strategically meet the organisational and departmental KPIs and requirements. Outfit rose to the occasion and offered its brand management solutions to the team, and the results were astonishing.

Durham University staffs were able to produce their own on-brand content with strategic messaging. The marketing team could then focus on broader university challenges and effectively manage their content and marketing processes. This is just one example of how Outfit creates new opportunities for brands to become more efficient and successful. With such customer and market-centric solutions, Outfit will continue to influence the martech ecosystem of the APAC region and foster innovation within the global business community.
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Petrie Terrace, Queensland

Bruce Stronge, Founder & CEO

Outfit enables businesses to build their brand better with brand management and templating solutions that will empower them and their teams to self-create content at scale, at speed and on-brand. Outfit creates new ways to allow enterprises to be more successful through its brand management platform. Brand automation, at its most basic level, takes existing brand and marketing assets and automates the placement and use of these within a template framework. The template framework means users without design software or skills can produce collateral, on-brand