Zift Solutions: Transforming Channel Marketing with an All-In-One Platform

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Gordon Rapkin, CEO, Zift SolutionsGordon Rapkin, CEO
In recent years, channel partners have had to brush up on their marketing skills to transform into digital marketers. The pandemic led many to adopt online tactics and move beyond in-person events. Even though online conferences and in-person meetings have become the norm, channel partners are looking for more holistic and packaged marketing assets to ‘grab and go’ with their marketing tools. Adopting social media marketing and video in their marketing arsenal has become an effective way to engage potential customers.

Aligning itself with these market changes is Zift Solutions, growing from a channel marketing software startup to a global organization striving toward channel success for clients.

Zift Solutions collaborates with clients across multiple verticals, including software, security, telecom, technology, and manufacturing. It addresses three major challenges; partner engagement, the platform’s ease of use, and closed-loop tracking. Zift Solutions ensures the platforms are easy for channel partners to use and gain better visibility into partner marketing adoption and lead-to-revenue tracking. It also makes it simple for channel leaders to collaborate internally and use its tools to build the marketing pipeline and win buyers.

Zift Solutions’ flagship offering is its all-in-one platform, ZiftONE, which offers channel partners the strategic guidance to help their partner programs thrive. It enables seamless integration with existing tools and broadens channel-focused capabilities to expand their reach, revenue, and ROI.

“We created ZiftONE to work as a unified, comprehensive solution. Our objective is to enable marketers to do everything from demand generation, lead building, and closures via various marketing channels. It also enables them to view their ROI, marketing activities, and business analytics from a single source,” states Gordon Rapkin, CEO, Zift Solutions.
ZiftONE equips partners with improved channel marketing tools and helps them track top-to-bottom funnel management to solve complex channel marketing, sales, and operational challenges. It delivers knowledge and ongoing support to assist the growth of channel programs and comes with partner relationship management (PRM) and through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) capabilities to help clients manage the flow from marketing and lead generation to sales. It also enables partners to swiftly locate, personalize, and deliver modern marketing tactics, including multi-touch email campaigns, landing pages, and social media collateral to end prospects and users. Suppliers can use ZiftONE to create easily-configured professional marketing assets, allowing channel partners to co-brand on microsites.

Showcasing a keen emphasis on partner engagement, Zift Solutions has included marketing development funds (MDF), business development funds (BDF), and incentives within the platform to gamify it. Its Provider Marketplace is crucial in getting partners in touch with third parties that can execute channel activities on their behalf. This helps suppliers to market more effectively through, to, and with partners and drive greater channel revenue.

We created ZiftONE to work as a unified, comprehensive solution. Our objective is to enable marketers to do everything from demand generation, lead building, and closures via various marketing channels

“Our platform can help suppliers curate social media channels and co-brand them with the support of partners. We provide numerous easy-to-use capabilities for the marketing department and the suppliers, which helps them create content seamlessly while allowing partners to use that content without major investment,” says Rapkin.

Armed with a strong team and industry expertise, Zift Solutions continues to be product-led, taking into consideration the demands of clients to architect its product offerings. It combines channel marketing, sales, and operations capabilities in a single platform to expand its outreach to more suppliers and channel partners. This depth of competence has enabled the ZiftONE platform to break the constraints of traditional channel marketing, make leads actionable, and offer full-funnel management.
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Zift Solutions

Zift Solutions

Cary, NC

Gordon Rapkin, CEO

Founded in 2006, Zift Solutions has grown from a channel marketing software start-up to a global organization focused entirely on channel success. The company empowers suppliers and their channel partners with full-funnel management across the channel, improved partner experience, and a single source of truth to align clients’ channel marketing, sales and operations.