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Wayne Hsu, CEO and Founder, WWHat Digital , Wwhat DigitalWayne Hsu, CEO and Founder, WWHat Digital
Taiwan is home to many advanced cities and has immensely developed its industries and international trade—the reason behind its economic success. As a global trade-friendly nation, Taiwan organises several trade fairs where the Taiwanese government offers numerous incentives to invite and nurture foreign investments. Additionally, Taiwan also serves as a jumping-board for international companies trying to enter the Chinese market, courtesy of the similarity between the two nations’ online environments. Needless to say, all major global businesses want to enter the Taiwan market and utilise these benefits.
Conversely, Taiwanese and other Asian companies also find it challenging to market their products effectively in the US markets. Differences in SEO and social media advertising pose difficult hurdles for these firms that wish to expand their horizons and profit margins.WWHat Digital—a Taiwan-based bilingual provider of SEO services—helps companies based in both hemispheres to navigate their online marketing strategies and establish a strong, reliable brand image in their target markets.

Founded in 2012, WWHat Digital enables several international businesses to improve their online presence and reputation in the Taiwanese business ecosystem. The company understands the importance of a strong digital presence in today’s world and offers critical SEO services such as PPCs, web designing, keyword research, on-site optimisation, and backlink building to compound SEO results pertaining to the client. WWHat Digital also offers SEO-optimized inbound marketing to companies based on their industry, goals, and budgets. The firm provides a result-driven approach for meeting client’s business goals. Explaining how WWHat Digital does this, Wayne Hsu, CEO & Founder of the company, says, “We looked at SEO from a top-level perspective and developed an approach where we find focus points based on searcher intent opportunities.”WWHat Digital has a dedicated SEO and copywriting team that creates great content and strong outreach, high-quality backlinks for a business, resulting in a higher ranking on web searches.

We looked at SEO from a top-level perspective and developed an approach where we find focus points based on searcher intent opportunities

Advancing these techniques, WWHat Digital has developed two groundbreaking SEO technologies that have proven their effectiveness and shown positive results for clients. The first technology is the company’s Crowdsearching SEO app. The app enables the clients to boosts Click-through-rates (CTR), average time-on-site in Google while reducing the bounce rate. It also fully automates the SEO strategy execution. The other technology developed by WWHat Digital is Ultimate Market Domination (UMD), in compliance with Google TOS, that targets businesses in local or regional markets. The company has a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and start-ups across all major industries such as finance, e-commerce, and brick and mortar businesses. One such brand that has leveraged these technologies to boost its revenue is SBL Machinery.

In 2019, SBL Machinery approached WWHat Digital for digitalising their marketing strategies under a minimal budget. WWHat Digital’s teams conducted comprehensive market research for them, formulated a strategy and performed SEO and PPC services. Within the first three months, the team ranked SBL Machinery on the first page for their industry keyword. Seven to nine months after implementing digital marketing strategies, the company started getting massive volumes of inquiries. This assistance from WWHat Digital came in handy for them as the pandemic in 2020 forced businesses to shut physical operations. Another client from the skincare niche approached WWHat Digital for ranking their website higher on Google. WWHat Digital built it an independent review site for its products and helped it target more audience using social media ads, PPC and display ads.

WWHat Digital has enabled several other businesses such as CenturyLink, A.S.O. International, and Western Union to grow their online visibility across Chinese and U.S. markets. With further improvement in its solutions, WWHat Digital is expected to become a leading name in the digital marketing industry and uncover innovative technologies that empower businesses to adapt to today’s changing world.
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Wwhat Digital

Wwhat Digital

Taipei, Taiwan

Wayne Hsu, CEO and Founder, WWHat Digital

WWHat Digital is a team of global SEO enthusiasts striving to be the most helpful inbound marketing company in the world. WWHaT Digital is a B2B digital marketing agency that enables businesses to grow their online visibility and market to Chinese and U.S. Markets. The team is remote located, with headquarter in Taipei and a strong presence in San Francisco, Philippines, and India.