Will Marlow Agency: Creating KPI-Aligned Marketing Strategies

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In the competitive pay-per-click market, lucrative keywords in an ad are no longer enough to gain customer attention. To gain leads in the current marketing scenario, enterprises need to correctly align their PPC campaigns with their KPIs, such as form fills or the amount of purchased product. Campaigns become more effective in cohesion with other digital marketing strategies like SEOs and marketing automation.

Guiding the organizations through this path is Will Marlow Agency—a marketing organization that helps clients identifies KPIs and builds a marketing strategy around them.

A brainchild of Will Marlow and Paul Gallagher, Will Marlow Agency initially focused on developing a datadriven approach to leveraging PPC campaigns to their fullest potential. In the following few years, they realized that clients needed clarity and a better understanding of their marketing objective. The agency pivoted to create an effective ad campaign for them.

During their journey in the PPC sector, Will Marlow Agency realized that many organizations were struggling with various parts of their ad campaigns, such as SEO. For others, the promotion wasn't aligning with their written ad content. As a solution, Will Marlow developed SEO, content and marketing automation sectors. Leveraging the four sectors in concert increases client visibility on both the organic and the advertising sides.

Bojana Obradović, Director of Digital Services, Will Marlow Agency, states, "We are sure that clients who engaged in all four of our sectors now have a healthy, growing website with great content, growth in advertising opportunities, and marketing automation, and can maintain and gain loyal clients."

To provide its comprehensive services, Will Marlow Agency undertakes a client-centric approach. The process starts with deployment of a digital marketing manager (DMM), who collaborates on objectives with an assigned team.
Next, the agency assesses the client to learn about their current business situation, offerings, key differentiating factors, and goals, and discusses the estimated time to delivery.

Strahinja Ćirović, the Manager of Digital Marketing Services at Will Marlow Agency, “Will Marlow even digs into the backend data of the client's CRM to obtain information like that around closed deals, to see how it converts an MQL into an SQL and then to an opportunity.”

After gaining a clear understanding of the customer, Will Marlow Agency devises an in-depth strategy for the clients. This involves a multi-channel approach that leverages different advertising platforms. Among those platforms, the organization tends to invest heavily in Google Ads, as they serve as the main performance driver to generate leads in most of its engagements.

We make sure that our clients have healthy, growing websites with great content, and we leverage this to deliver advertising campaigns and marketing automation and all of this leads to longterm relationships with our clients

Will Marlow Agency provides feedback of ad campaigns to its clients in a real-time, building immense trust with clients. In addition, it heavily invests in following novel market trends and staying updated on the latest marketing tools.

An integral part of Will Marlow Agency's success story is its work culture. Under the careful guidance of Obradović and the executive team, the culture grew into one defined by the free flow of knowledge. The team is goal-oriented and close-knit, and every member is happy to share their expertise and discovered trends with each other. Will Marlow Agency can successfully identify the success metric of every client and offer them a marketing solution that will effectively generate all the leads they need to generate traction in their market.
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Will Marlow Agency

Will Marlow Agency

Falls Church, VA

Bojana Obradović, Director of Digital Services

Will Marlow Agency tries to understand their main goal and what they want to achieve with their advertising. Based on the assessment, devise an indepth strategy through a multi-channel approach that utilizes different advertising platforms, preferably Google Ads.