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Stacy Adams, Head of Marketing, VyondStacy Adams, Head of Marketing
As many parts of the world go in and out of lockdown, organizations worldwide are coming to terms with the new normal. Despite this upheaval, businesses are continuing to transform their marketing efforts, turning their focus to video-based content. Since the outbreak, consumption of digital content, particularly video content, has increased exponentially. Although other forms of digital content, including blogs, emails, and podcasts, do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to branding, surveys show that video is undoubtedly at the top of the hill. There is no denying that video is the best medium to convey complex ideas and is the most versatile ineliciting emotional reactions.

Moreover, at a time when in-person communication has become nearly impossible, video-based content has become more crucial than ever. That being said, companies across all sectors need the resources and tools to create professional videos easily and communicate their brand message with a wider audience effectively. Addressing this need is Vyond, an online video software provider. The company allows businesses to create professional animated videos for all industries acrossa variety of job roles like marketing, training, and eLearning. Founded in 2007 as GoAnimate, Vyond was initially built to provide animation software for the consumer market. But over the years, enterprises started using the platform to produce videos for business communication. Later, the company decided to pivot away from the consumer market and started focusing more on corporate clients. Currently, the company serves a diverse clientele, including SMBs, and fortune 500 companies, working across various industry segments.

With Vyond’s animation studio, companies can create budget-friendly videos easily and quickly. Be it product explainers, social media videos, or trade show videos, Vyond provides its clients the flexibility to produce videos for diverse marketing channels.

We are more than an animated video platform. We give our customers complete creative freedom and allow them to combine live actions and animations

The company understands that creating videos can be daunting for many due to time and budget constraints, especially live-action videos with more than one character.

Vyond enables its customers to overcome this challenge through an affordable subscription plan. They allow subscribers to create, edit, and re-render videos without outsourcing such tasksto an agency. “We are more than an animated video platform. We give our customers complete creative freedom and allow them to combine live action footage and animations,” mentions Stacy Adams, head of marketing, at Vyond.

As a video creation tool, Vyond comes with numerous features necessary to create an engaging business video. Customers can get started making use of the templates that guide them through the essentials of video making. They can use thousands of props, assets, and characters representing various industries and create new characters. As animation is a prebuilt feature, users can easily make the characters move and assign actions to them. The platform also allows users to assign voiceover to a character by uploading voice files or live recording speech. As Vyond leverages the drag and drop interface, users can work smarter, rather than harder.

In one instance, Vyond helped a customer with their branding efforts. The client wanted to build animated videos to convey their brand message and use it for lead generation. Using Vyond’s platform, the client created engaging business videos and used them in emails, which resulted in a 130 percent increase in their click-through rate.

Moving ahead, the company tries to augment its platform with new features, functionalities, and content suitable for new industry segments and is also planning to add more enterprise-level features. As it is a cloud-based tool, Vyond takes serious note of its customer’s data security. In this regard, the company adheres to the stringent guidelines mandated by ISO standards for information and data protection and is constantly adding more security features.
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Stacy Adams, Head of Marketing

Vyond helps Global 2000 organizations and 90 percent of the Fortune 500 to produce their own videos easily and cost-effectively through its cloud-based video animation platform