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Laurie Speaks, Founder, Speaks Marketing GroupLaurie Speaks, Founder
It isn’t often that diverse capabilities like powerful vision, leadership traits, analytical thinking, dynamism, and two decades of rich industry experience come together in perfect harmony to form one successful entrepreneur. But that’s what one can find in Laurie Speaks, whose extensive experience in building, managing, and mentoring dynamic marketing teams and creating results-oriented programs and campaigns drives a more strategic approach to the marketing needs of enterprises.

Laurie and her highly talented team at Speaks Marketing Group bring in a unique combination of creativity and analytics to enable sales and marketing professionals to “be at the right place, at the right time, and connect with the right people.” In doing so, the company is helping its clients harness the full potential of their marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software—HubSpot. While organizations continue to rely on HubSpot for mere outbound email campaigns, Laurie reveals that the tool can be utilized way beyond just that. “Email blasts are days of the past. Utilizing HubSpot just to enable email campaigns is a crucial mistake that a lot of people are making. As a result, they are missing the mark when it comes to really optimizing HubSpot. This is where Speaks Marketing is moving the needle,” says Laurie, Founder and CEO, Speaks Marketing Group.

As a full-service marketing agency, Speaks Marketing specializes in both outbound as well as inbound email campaigns utilizing HubSpot, which allows organizations to experience high open rates and increased engagement and leads. Driven by the passion for enabling client success, Speaks Marketing creates programs, content, and campaigns with its clients’ goals in mind, which brings potential customers to the client’s website. This is followed by capturing the information and utilizing HubSpot to take the customers through the funnel and nurturing them with the content they are interested in.

At the core, Speaks Marketing optimizes industry events, PR, and all branding opportunities with a consistent effort. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has really impacted physical events and rendered millions of attendees grounded, Speaks Marketing, as a true marketing partner, is helping its clients accomplish their real-time goals in these uncharted waters. To that end, the company leverages HubSpot and digital marketing to promote digital events, allowing clients to connect with their audience virtually. “Besides inbound campaigns, we have been working on webinars and digital ads, getting the decision maker for our client to actually visit our client’s website. Instead of sending random titles in emails, we are creating valuable content that brings the end user to our client looking for more information,” explains Laurie.

Be Relevant by Maximizing HubSpot

For generating leads and filling the top of the sales funnel, Laurie suggests that the traditional methods like outbound marketing involve sending messages out far.

Instead of sending random titles an email, we are creating valuable content that brings the end user to our client looking for more information

hoping that it resonates with that needle in the haystack. As a result, it is essential to send relevant information that the customers look for.
Speaks Marketing helps clients achieve this relevancy by optimizing HubSpot. In order to help clients maximize the benefits of HubSpot, the Speaks Marketing team draws on its rich and extensive HubSpot expertise and best practices and helps manage projects and campaigns for clients by devising a well-thought overall strategy. The team formulates and implements plans to align highly-disjointed sales and marketing teams in organizations. HubSpot plays an instrumental role in these plans to turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads. Speaks Marketing also helps clients plan marketing campaigns and works closely with them to establish an aligned sales process.

The company truly believes in identifying the pain-points faced by its clients and conducts competitive research to put forward the best services. From product launching to competitive marketing services, Speaks Marketing customizes its offerings to meet and exceed client requirements.Competitive research helps the clients understand their competitive advantage over other players in the market, and therefore it becomes easier to structure a campaign around that. The ability to articulate the competitive advantages that resonate and channelize the client’s vision toward a particular campaign is clearly a winning differentiator of Speaks Marketing. The company is also built on a client success model and works as an extension of the clients’ marketing teams.

The value proposition of Speaks Marketing can be best explained with a client success story that involved a startup struggling with event marketing and converting the event spend into revenue. The client was organizing their events with an intension to boost branding and brand awareness. The startup approached Speaks Marketing to conduct the event marketing on their behalf. Speaks Marketing created an event plan that involved creative ways to generate leads and book meetings during the event along with an ROI calculator for each event. This plan allowed the client to not only utilize events for branding and awareness but also understand that the revenue generated from the first two events will pay up for the next ten events. The objective of Speaks Marketing was to generate the maximum amount of leads from face to face meetings. This approach seamlessly solved the challenges faced by the client in being able to have face to face meetings at events and also generated revenue from the events, which was not possible earlier.

Such success stories stand testament to the value that Speaks Marketing has been delivering to its clients, even during the current worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Speaks Marketing has proven its excellence in driving desired results for its clients, time and again. The company plans to expand its team with individuals with specific industry experience in both life sciences and healthcare that would serve their clients’ best interests. While others find it difficult to survive through the pandemic, Speaks Marketing has no plans of slowing down. “We will not compromise our quality in order to grow quickly. Rather, we will take the time to build out the necessary team in order to give each client the continued attention they deserve and a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the specific industries we serve,” concludes Laurie.

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Speaks Marketing Group

Austin, Texas

Laurie Speaks, Founder

Speaks Marketing Group offers marketing solutions that drive business profitability and marketing efficiencies while continually focusing on the cross-departmental customer experience. They aim to deliver business growth through quantifiable marketing programs that create strong leads, support sales initiatives, and drive brand awareness. They are a full service agency specializing in Sales Enablement, Customer Success, and Event/Field Marketing.