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Justin Garvin, VP of Media, Rise InteractiveJustin Garvin, VP of Media
As the digital panorama continues to advance with new trends, technologies, and platforms that consumers are using, marketers have access to more data from more sources than ever before. However, with additional data sources comes complexities, and marketers face difficulties in synthesizing the data to help prioritize how to invest their time and money. Rise Interactive, with its proprietary Connex® Analytics technology, is able to analyze an integrated view of campaign performance across search and programmatic engines. This allows Rise to identify quick-wins and long-term opportunities to help marketers make smarter investment decisions grounded in customer behavior data. By leveraging Connex, Rise can help brands evolve their marketing efforts far beyond SEO alone by developing integrated strategies that maximize results regardless of channel.

Rise remains on the cutting-edge of search marketing with its expanded offerings that complement strategies with non-traditional search engines such as Jet and Amazon. “Consumers are beginning their purchase journeys in a larger variety of ways than ever before,” says Justin Garvin, Rise’s VP of Search, Social, and Amazon. It’s no secret that the number of product searches beginning on Amazon has ballooned in the past couple of years, and Rise helps clients get ahead of the competition with these emerging opportunities. With a dedicated Amazon practice, Rise is working with brands to develop strategies for organic and paid visibility within Amazon that complement other search and digital channel efforts. “It’s so important to help our clients think beyond traditional Google and Bing search,” says Garvin.

Rise stays true to its Interactive Investment Management® (IIM) philosophy as it helps brands navigate new search territory.

Connex has given our clients a competitive edge. It’s really the speed to insight that enables our teams to find opportunities that others cannot

IIM, which is rooted in the principles of financial portfolio management, is Rise’s analytically-driven approach to budget allocation. “While the complexity of the search landscape has grown, we still apply our core methodology of using data to help brands determine where to allocate spend to yield the best returns,” explains Garvin. Rise also prides itself on being technology and channel agnostic. When evaluating new opportunities for clients, such as Amazon, Rise continues to analyze a brand’s return on investment for spending money on new vs. traditional channels, and quantifies the impact of time investments vs. media spend investments.

“Some marketers view SEO as a ‘free’ channel,” says Garvin, “but just because there aren’t media dollars spent in SEO doesn’t mean that marketers should treat SEO as free.” Instead, at Rise, paid and organic search teams work together and leverage data to determine when it’s more profitable for a brand to “rent” a keyword – buy it on paid search – or “own” a keyword by investing in an organic strategy to build the keyword’s visibility and ranking over time. “It all depends on our clients’ goals. We use data and our Connex® Analytics platform to identify the right keywords, and then customize strategies to maximize their performance.”

“Connex has given our clients a competitive edge,” says Garvin. The technology ingests data from numerous paid and organic search tools and sources, bringing together a comprehensive view of performance that can be aggregated at a category level, or analyzed down to individual keywords or pages. “It’s really the speed to insight that enables our teams to find opportunities that others cannot.” This best-in-class technology eliminates data silos and creates a digital marketing measurement framework that helps marketers make informed decisions quickly and continue to drive their business forward.

“Ultimately, we care about whether or not our clients’ investments are driving their business,” says Garvin, “and everything we do at Rise, in search or in other channels, ladders back to understanding and contributing to our clients’ goals.”
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Rise Interactive

Chicago, IL

Justin Garvin, VP of Media

Rise Interactive is a company that specializes in digital media, customer experience, and advanced analytics. The organization acts as a strategic partner for marketing leaders to help them make better, data-based investment decisions. Taking advantage of its unique approach to investment management, the company looks at investments of brands across all digital marketing platforms to better distribute budget and optimize ROI. Rise is using its deep experience in product marketing to help brands push results beyond conventional search engines. Rise Interactive stays ahead of the ever-changing landscape of search engines and offers solid data for SEO products