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Peter Pinto, Co-Founder, BeeSeen SolutionsPeter Pinto, Co-Founder
That even the big shots in the SEO space are unable to deliver guaranteed results is a unanimously agreed belief. “It is challenging to guarantee positive results in SEO if the right strategy is not in place,” begins Peter Pinto, the co-founder of BeeSeen Solutions. In consequence, BeeSeen Solutions makes it possible by evaluating the current SEO trends and effortlessly implementing them bolstered with the correct strategy. The company offers SEO ranking improvement campaign on a month over month basis. Although BeeSeen Solutions focuses primarily on organic SEO rankings, it also has expertise in elucidating PPC and content marketing procedures along with social media optimization, online PR and web designing. Precisely, BeeSeen Solutions is a holistic solution provider for all SEO needs of their clients.

The company came into being when a group of people with similar entrepreneurial spirit started observing the methodologies followed by SEO companies to serve their clients. “BeeSeen started off as an organization which offers guaranteed SEO results; you don’t pay if we don’t deliver what we promise,” says Pinto. Contrary to the early practice, according to the co-founder, where a company influenced their customers, it is now about the customer deciding how they want to find the solution. Therefore, companies have to be careful about how to enhance their exposure in the marketplace.

BeeSeen Solutions ensures clients of minimum thresholds, along with deploying new and relevant keywords based on their target audience while signing up the agreement. Throughout the campaign, the team thoroughly tracks over 400 keywords while conducting a limited keyword campaign. Most interestingly, the team guarantees SERP rankings through effective metrics.

Typically a client engagement begins with an elaborate onboarding process to understand their business better.

BeeSeen started off as an organization which offers guaranteed SEO results; you don’t pay if we don’t deliver what we promise

“Even before we consider working with a client, we undertake thorough research on their website–this helps us evaluate whether or not the clients have realistic expectations,” adds Pinto. BeeSeen Solutions guides the client through the entire development journey of their website which involves the attainment of guaranteed high search engine rankings. Besides, the BeeSeen team also conducts monthly discussions with their clients to help them identify the scope for success and opportunities in the journey, thereby promoting transparency between the company and the client.

BeeSeen Solutions boasts of a diverse clientele, which implies as observed by Pinto, every industry is looking to adapting to the digital space. “The competition has become tougher, and this requires a competitive strategy which would give our clients highest organic SERPs,” says Pinto. “BeeSeen strategically determines the goals based on the target audience of the client and accordingly conducts campaigns.”

In an instance, BeeSeen Solutions was approached by one of the companies to enhance the quality of advertisements along with the quantity of organic search traffic. The team worked on the optimization of the client website besides successful link building to strengthen the authority of the site using content marketing strategy by applying appropriate long-tail keywords. After the launch, BeeSeen Solutions generated Google Analytics reports on a regular basis while simultaneously tracking phone calls both online and offline. All these factors helped manage the ROI of the website as well as generate quality leads.

BeeSeen has launched a lead generation solution–LinkGen, which help clients to utilize their social media strategies on their premium LinkedIn profiles. LinkGen is a platform, designed to generate connection requests to business professionals who are likely to be interested in the value proposition of a specific business. Using these connections, businesses can undertake an automated Long Island LinkedIn marketing campaigns. BeeSeen Solutions develops its SEO tools and software responsible for evaluating the websites and their search rankings. “Our SEO strategists assess the complacencies of websites and assure customized plethora of solutions for each client,” concludes Pinto.
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BeeSeen Solutions

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Peter Pinto, Co-Founder

BeeSeen Solutions is a digital marketing management and consultancy service provider. The results-driven, customer-focused team of the organization has extensive experience in providing its clients of all sizes with a comprehensive understanding of tactical online marketing services. Smart Automation, Targeted Lead Generation, Social Media Management, SEO, SEM, PPC, Enforcement, Content Marketing, Management Consulting, and Online Public Relations are the key services provided by the company. For a corporation, social media management is no longer optional; it is a necessity. This, in combination with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), plays a critical role in every business activity and client outreach