Prisma: A Unique Approach to Marketing Logistics Management

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Bob Anderson, CEO and Julie Volz, Vice President of Sales, PrismaBob Anderson, CEO and Julie Volz, Vice President of Sales
Expanding from a one-store business to a tt business is a sure-fire sign of success for any organization. While such expansion may not be as difficult as the initial setup of a new business, it certainly does have its own set of obstacles, one of which is maintaining a uniform brand value across all locations. This challenge becomes even more pronounced when it comes to running multi-location and multichannel marketing efforts, including signage, promotion, apparel, print, and digital. In marketing strategies, print and digital often live separate lives. And although they can be successful on their own, there’s no doubt that print and digital marketing, together, can amplify each other’s strengths and help brands re-engage customers across numerous touchpoints and stand out from the competition. Realizing this, many organizations are already embracing the ‘print + digital’ symbiosis in their marketing strategies. Empowering this effort is Prisma, a one-of-a-kind company with the knowledge, expertise, and technology needed to help organizations take their marketing capabilities to the next level.

Interestingly, the legacy of Prisma started with commercial print. Despite the internet supremacy in the late 90s, print media still remained a critical part of marketing supply chains, which enabled the company to boost its standing in the marketing space. Building on this success, Prisma quickly incorporated technology into its solutions and expanded its offerings to the online marketing supply chain.

Today, Prisma has cemented its cornerstone as a marketing logistics company, helping clients that have multilocations across the U.S., be able to increase their speed to market for all their print, marketing materials, promo items. It is enabling organizations to meet the evolving marketing demands with their limited advertising resources. “We leverage a streamlined marketing approach to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase our clients’ speed to market with a proven ROI,” underscores Bob Anderson, CEO of Prisma. The company assists its customers in bringing digital enhancements to programmatic direct mail campaigns including Facebook and Instagram advertisements, as well as other traditional ads, while facilitating their marketing solutions to multi-location enterprises by using cost-accounting methods.

dokshop – Crown Jewel of Prisma’s Brand Management Technology

Prisma’s success in streamlining the print + digital marketing operations of its clients can be attributed to dokshop, an online marketing portal enabling clients to generate company-branded marketing materials online— anytime, anywhere. It can be described as a marketing asset management solution that provides clients with tools to coordinate their worldwide marketing efforts, whether it is print or digital. The portal brings customization to the local level so that managers or franchisees can order their own printed or digital materials from a single source. The dokshop system also offers multi-location clients easy-to-use print and digital templates customizable for local efforts, shows instant PDF proofs, and has options for print, digital downloads, or third-party orders. It also retains corporate control through approval processes, sends automatic status updates, can invoice by cost center, and has complete dashboard reporting functionality.
Moreover, dokshop, allows companies to order, download, print, ship, mail, kit, and even install branded, customized marketing collateral in just a few clicks.

The capabilities of dokshop are further complemented by its Justin- Time inventory management system, which ensures that pick-andpack items are quickly processed and shipped out with real-time tracking of inventory stored by the clients in the warehouse. In fact, it allows clients to order marketing resources from multiple locations, pre-print collateral, and store them in the company’s warehouse, where it can package and ship them on the same day. “Our solution also provides the clients with the necessary reports and low inventory alerts to keep their business running efficiently,” adds Julie Volz, vice president of sales at Prisma.

Although dokshop is a centerpiece of Prisma’s marketing strategy, its capabilities are greatly boosted by the company’s experienced staff, which ensures the seamless onboarding of solutions for clients. Notably, Prisma’s onboarding team works with clients closely to ensure that the relevant solutions are integrated into the workflows exactly as per their individual requirements. “We arrange commercial meetings with all the parties involved to discuss brand progress and how to get them where they want to be,” says Julie. The clients also work with the account executive team that helps in managing the entire implementation process in tandem with the onboarding team. “When we are getting closer to having a site ready to go, we conduct comprehensive virtual training, where we send out invitations and perform live demos so they can quickly launch their dokshop sites. So, when clients have new employees, they’re able to leverage ready-made training sessions and begin using dokshop quickly,” asserts Julie.
  • We leverage a streamlined marketing approach to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase our clients’ speed to market with a proven ROI

She also sheds light on how such capabilities have helped many clients revamp their marketing logistics operations. For instance, while working with The Joint (largest chiropractic clinic in the U.S.) with approximately 600 locations nationwide, Prisma was able to help them overcome the challenges related to slow turnarounds. The Joint’s custom dokshop site offered unparalleled adaptability and customized tools, empowering the clients to handle all of the marketing logistics needs at the different locations. “We provided economic reporting for each location, giving clients the ability to see what kind of marketing tactics are working at a particular location and use best practices to share that among all their different locations,” states Anderson. This, in turn, ensured that the client’s franchisees could cater to their local audiences while upholding brand standards by providing all online marketing materials, including digital assets, promotional materials, digital ads, print, and grand format products, available to all 500 locations in a unified system. As a result, the client increased speed-tomarket with exceptional quality, a feat that was unthinkable before Prisma.

Owing to such success stories, today, Prisma has secured its position at the helm of the marketing logistics space. Even now, the company is laserfocused on pursuing more groundbreaking innovations. With its newest facility in Nashville, TN, the company is poised to strengthen its deliverability and establish a national footprint. “Nashville touches 70 percent of the population on the east coast, and Phoenix handles almost 70 percent of the location of the population on the west coast. So, with our two strategic locations, we will be able to deliver not only our dokshop orders within a day and a half but also our direct mailing marketing services, enabling clients to achieve unparalleled speed to the market,” concludes Anderson.
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Bob Anderson, CEO and Julie Volz, Vice President of Sales

Prisma is a one-of-a-kind company with the knowledge, expertise, and innovation to help organizations take their marketing to the next level. Prisma has been assisting its customers in removing the confusion from the deliverability of their marketing assets, for all of their marketing solutions to multi-location enterprises by using cost-accounting methods. This enables businesses to bring their message to market with speed and accuracy.