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Scott Gillum, Founder & CEO, Carbon DesignScott Gillum, Founder & CEO
In today’s world of marketing, cutting-edge technology has undoubtedly increased the volume and scale of audience reach. However, marketing performance that involves the conversion of prospects into repeat customers still needs massive improvement. The key to enhancing marketing performance lies in gauging the personalities of the target audience and presenting them with engaging brand marketing content that resonates individually. This requires organizations to know their customers on a deeper level to articulate a brand message that generates and sustains long-term audience interest.

Improving audience connection to brands and products through a unique personality-based marketing approach is Carbon Design. With a proprietary AI-enabled marketing solution, the marketing agency assists B2B marketing organizations in enhancing their customer acquisition and engagement. “We analyze the personality types of the target audiences of our clients and ensure that their branding and messaging resonates with the audiences,” says Scott Gillum, founder and CEO of Carbon Design.

Carbon Design starts by understanding the dominant personality types of the target audience using the much-lauded DiSC personality assessment–standing for the four distinct personality traits, namely dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness–to determine the right marketing content and brand message that will resonate with each individual personality types. Carbon Design helps organizations modify, update, and create brand content that aligns best with their audiences’ personalities. This leads to increased purchases, even among the more difficult to convert personalities, resulting in higher revenues for organizations.

Carbon Design’s marketing solution Carbon Quadrants leverages AI-equipped personality assessment tools to profile target audiences by predicting their behavior and gaining extensive insight into how they interact with other buyers in the buying group. The tools also determine the exact language and tonality to be used in the marketing content to best capture the attention of particular personality types as they go through the buyers’ journey.
What’s more, Carbon Design also utilizes AI to bring a shift in customer preferences and thinking based on the insights gained during the personality profiling of audiences. This is made possible by MyndShyft, Carbon Design’s proprietary methodology for insight development. The unique methodology is based on insights from the renowned marketing book “The Challenger Customer.” MyndShyft enables organizations to get a solid idea of their audiences’ perception of their brand and products and modify it suitably by presenting new information about their client’s brand. This draws and sustains customer attention and enhances audience connection and engagement.

Apart from first-rate front-end solutions comprising Carbon Quadrants and MyndShyft, what sets Carbon Design apart is its revolutionary approach to backend service delivery and contract-based staffing model. With freelancers, contractors, and small businesses working together cohesively as a team, the agency successfully leverages their skill sets to deliver improved and faster results to its diverse clientele. “We’re like a sports team, and we treat our talents like professional athletes on contracts,” remarks Gillum.

  • We Analyze the Personality Types of the Target Audiences of our Clients and Ensure that their Branding and Messaging Resonates with the Audiences

Primarily operating in the life sciences, healthcare, and Web3 realms, Carbon Design is currently working with a B2B client struggling to engage its target customer with the two most difficult personality types. Leveraging its personality analysis tools, Carbon Design is refining the client’s brand marketing strategies and activities and modifying their content development process to help them gain deeper insights into their customer’s preferences. Based on the insights, Carbon Design is enabling the client to successfully convert and fruitfully engage with its audience by specifically creating content that resonates with the personality types among their prospective buyers.

Going forward, Carbon Design will strive to get better acquainted with audiences’ personalities by experimenting further with their AI tools. The company will strengthen and expand its partner network to provide more and improved services to a growing clientele. In a nutshell, Carbon Design will continually harness the power of personality-based marketing to help clients increase audience conversation and engagement in the crowded marketplace.
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Carbon Design

Carbon Design

Raleigh, NC

Scott Gillum, Founder & CEO

Carbon Design is a marketing agency offering AI-enabled, personality-based marketing tools to enhance customer acquisition and engagements. The agency deploys DiSC personality assessment to determine the right marketing content and brand message that will resonate with each individual personality types among client audiences. Carbon Design caters to B2B marketing organizations in the life sciences, healthcare, and Web3 realms. The agency’s marketing solution Carbon Quadrants leverages AI-equipped personality assessment tools to profile target audiences. MyndShyft, Carbon Design’s proprietary methodology for insight development enables organizations to understand their audiences’ perception of their brand and products.