PowerPost: Delivers First Virtual Content Newsroom for Modern Brands

Dan Curran, Founder & CEO, PowerPostDan Curran, Founder & CEO
Having the means to write better, faster, and more relevant content has always been the goal for brands to achieve, alongside a reduction in the guesswork of marketing the right content, as a part of their lucrative brand awareness strategies.

For the first time ever, such a marketing instrument—a brainchild of a company called PowerPost—is offered through the “unique marriage” of machine learning and journalistic tools.

While several tools that assist with content distribution and measurement exist, brands continue to struggle with writing the relevant content—whether it’s an e-mail, a whitepaper, an e-book, or a blog.

PowerPost instantly fixes the dilemma and turns brands into power publishers. “We offer a perfect blend of intuitive software with access to real journalists,” states Dan Curran, founder and CEO of PowerPost.

With the help of the software, a brand can instantly talk to a journalist to receive guidance through the editorial process. This is something no other company is doing.

The company’s cutting-edge product, PowerIQ, identifies the marketplace trends and the velocity of consumer interest in those trends, garnering which brands can turn instant suggestions into relevant stories.

A high-level benefit of PowerPost is facilitating brands to control the narrative of their industry. In real time, brands can attain analytics about their share of voice versus their competition, thus becoming a much smarter content marketer—a reason PowerPost’s clients often call the company’s content “smart content.”

Rather than waiting to measure the content reach a month after it has been published, companies can now analyze content, before, during, and after publishing with PowerPost. There is a hint of pride when Curran talks about their engagement with a multibillion-dollar insurance company.

PowerPost is the ultimate brand accelerator. Thanks to PowerPost, we blew away every benchmark in half the time we anticipated. Their Content Newsroom is transformational!” -Julie Knisley

The leading insurer wanted to reach out to the individuals who do not take their medication as prescribed; to that end, they made large investments and were still unable to reach the intended audience.

With PowerPost’s ability, they were able to identify the topic matter, intrusive points, and the storyline that would most interest the patients and capture their attention. The brand was quickly able to build a large audience and created awareness on the importance of taking prescription medicines among them. The instance is a justification that, with PowerPost, brands no longer need to guess what the consumers are thinking; they can speak through the passion points that affect their customers the most.

In an effort to allow a brand to own their industry authority, PowerPost is also adding AI features to alert brands on viral content automatically and instantly. Currently providing API integrations on a monthly basis for leading media companies, PowerPost is all set to become the true content creation and distribution channel in the near future, all driven by machine learning. “With PowerPost, a brand can create a new post, add the content from any source, type in the message and hashtags, choose the social media channels, preview it on those channels, make any final edits to individual channel copy, then schedule a draft or publish at the simple push of a button immediately,” adds Curran. In addition, in case of requirements like approvals or collaborations, PowerPost allows the possibility too.

Having doubled in its size the past year, PowerPost intends to grow internally and expand its footprint to every corner of the globe. The company witnesses its clientele saving up to 50 to 60 percent in comparison to their previous content marketing budget—a testament to PowerPost’s creation of the category of brand publishing.

By reducing the dependence on expensive ad agency fees and streamlining distribution to gain a greater share of voice, PowerPost is proving its stance in being a virtual content newsroom for brands, accelerating their strategies.