Jabmo: Marketing Strategies for Changing B2B Buying Scenario

Digital advances have impacted the world of B2B significantly. Right from the way buyers make their purchase decisions to the way sellers market their offerings, everything has changed. “Based on a Forrester research, 74 percent of today’s B2B buyers spend ample time performing online researches that help them weigh the pros and cons of their prospective offline purchases,” points Meredith Bell, VP of worldwide sales and marketing, Jabmo. This is where Jabmo’s technology and creative services come into play, enabling sellers to reach the buyers at the very beginning of their extended buying journeys.

Email marketing falls short in bridging the continually growing gap between the initiation of online research and buyers contacting the sales department. Jabmo’s solutions focus on filling this gap with attractive and relevant marketing content. Along with reaching out to anonymous influencers who have an impact on the choices of buyers, these solutions are intended to influence the decision-making of all the members of an organization’s buying committee.

The company achieves these results with the help of Account-based Marketing (ABM) technology that relies on IP Account Sensing and IP Targeting. B2B marketers can implement this technology for delivering targeted messages to each and every member of the buying committee. ABM also creates targeted advertisements corresponding to the users of pre-identified IP addresses specifically, thus ensuring that the buying committee members receive relevant and personalized messages. By further pinpointing the IP addresses of all the website visitors, the company equips its clients with knowledge of who their potential buyers are. Advertisements can then be delivered to the buying committee members of these interested organizations using Jabmo’s Account-based Retargeting. The company also offers Website Personalization to create unique landing pages for website visitors in reference to their respective IP address. This enables the clients to create distinctive web experiences for visitors.

Although the adoption of transformational MarTech solutions such as Jabmo’s is on the rise, CIOs struggle with the allotment of technical resources to various projects within their organizations.
Simplifying this task, Jabmo’s solutions are designed to be plug-and-play virtually and require minimal resources for their implementation. The company’s implementation team works closely with its clients’ technical teams, minimizing their operational lift along with allowing them to focus on other business priorities. “We support our clients using account sensing, leveraging our vast database of IP addresses to match organizations—either target accounts or known website visitors—with their IP addresses,” mentions Bell.

The company’s implementation team works closely with its clients’ technical teams, minimizing their operational lift along with allowing them to focus on other business priorities

What makes Jabmo unique is its focus on the manufacturing industry. The company lays emphasis on understanding the challenges faced by global manufacturing companies in reaching a global audience by tailoring its products and managed services accordingly. Furthermore, with regard to the recent rollout of European GDPR regulations, Forrester suggests that Jabmo’s European roots strengthen its position in GDPR capabilities.

With offices in Paris, Stockholm, Mauritius, and Madison (Wisconsin, USA), the company has been delivering advanced marketing solutions to clients all around the world. The global success of Jabmo’s ABM platform has also earned the company a place in The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2018 report as a leader in the market. “The company now looks forward to announcing its new service named Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) soon,” adds Bell. With DCO, Jabmo will not only enable its clients to target buyers but also help them come up with colors and design schemes based on an algorithmic understanding of the advertisements that get the most attention.