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Paul Feith, President, Paul Gregory MediaPaul Feith, President Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on marketing strategies to raise funds, encourage membership, engage volunteers, and drive social change. However, if an organization's mission and vision are unclear and its message does not resonate with the public, attracting donations can be quite a task. To overcome this obstacle, nonprofits must employ strategic thinking and campaign planning.

This is where Paul Gregory Media (PGM) makes an impactful difference.

A full-service digital marketing agency, PGM assists nonprofit and mission-based organizations with its suite of marketing services, including SEO, marketing strategy, web design and development, virtual event planning, and social media management. Its services are designed to help clients solidify and expand on their mission.

PGM works on the four prongs central to every nonprofit's operation - ensuring more people learn about the nonprofit's services, unlocking a larger donor pool, positioning them for annual sponsorships, and helping improve volunteer participation.

"We strive to strengthen nonprofits' missions with a suite of marketing and technology services that give them the best exposure possible for their marketing dollars," says Paul Feith, president of Paul Gregory Media.

By strategically positioning nonprofits, PGM ensures that their message and mission reach beneficiaries who need their services. More importantly, its marketing strategies generate larger sponsor and donor pools, increasing revenue to further their mission and help more people.

Comprehensive Marketing Services for Casting a Wider Net

PGM helps clients achieve their goals by working on the brand presence, keeping tone, voice, and market in mind, and creating a brand framework for them. In cases where a brand is already established, it offers services for marketing campaigns, fundraising, and tactical execution.

Nonprofits often see themselves as the best-kept secret in town, and PGM is all about challenging that status quo. Each project at PGM begins with identifying the client's challenges and what they need to boost the value of their marketing campaigns. After conversing about their messaging and brand, PGM puts together a team that may include strategists, copywriters, designers, producers, and an account manager who works on the content and devises a strategic plan.

Brand messaging is sometimes reviewed and revamped for a client. PGM also looks at their visual identity to ascertain that the two align with one another. Every campaign managed by the PGM team focuses on social media presence and a website landing page while taking the advertising budget into consideration. In the case of social media engagement, PGM combines its skill sets with critical and strategic thinking, copywriting, design and animation, and uses AI to schedule posts at optimum times for each feed.

"When it comes to mission-based marketing, mediocrity is the enemy. Our talented group of people specializing in copywriting, animation, design, and strategic thinking know when, where, and how to position a campaign to drive exceptional growth and engagement," says Feith.
To make sure it achieves better engagement than its client’s competitors, PGM leverages a tool that collects dataon competitors. Monthly comparisons of statistics on the volume of posts and their reach encourage the PGM team to perform better and attain higher engagement levels and growth. The client is presented with a report on the growth and engagement month over month.

PGM also caters to the increasing demand for programmatic advertising by developing campaigns for its clients from start to finish after understanding their target audience and geo-targeting needs. The team uses the collected information to design ad creatives highlighting the client's message and identifying suitable bidding strategies based on their goals.

With Google offering a $10,000 monthly grant to qualifying nonprofit organizations, PGM offers grant management services and procures Google Ad grants on behalf of its clients. In the event an account is already suspended, PGM works on getting the Ad Grant reactivated, ensuring it complies with the Google Grant management plan.

Our Talented Group Of People Specializing In Copywriting, Animation, Design, And Strategic Thinking Know When, Where, And How To Position A Campaign To Drive Exceptional Growth And Engagement

Achieving Growth through Customer Satisfaction

PGM creates a positive and long-lasting relationship with each client, resulting in nearly 80 percent of its clients coming through referrals. The success of this approach can be seen across the numerous clients served by PGM. In one instance, its services were solicited by Giving DuPage, a nonprofit established with a mission to promote giving and volunteerism in DuPage County. The client had decided to organize a fundraiser but was interrupted by the pandemic. With PGM's assistance, Giving DuPage was able to conduct the fundraiser online and generate a significant amount of money.

Witnessing the event's success, the client decided to conduct the fundraiser online the following year as well, and PGM was tasked with promoting the event. It created graphics, animations, and Facebook ads, ramped up social media engagement, and put together videos to show the impact of donating. All the components were created using its virtual event planning service.

In another instance, PGM was instrumental in spreading awareness about an initiative launched by United Way of Will County. The client had rolled out a new service called 211 for mental health and crisis support. Struggling individuals could dial 211 and access resources such as assistance in buying prescriptions or help with abuse situations. PGM launched a six-month campaign to raise awareness about this service. The campaign involved promoting the service on billboards and digital advertising platforms through its programmatic service. PGM was determined to make every resident in the county aware of 211. United Way receivedover 41 million requests for help during the pandemic and was designated by governors and health departments in 32 states as the official COVID-19 resource line.
Delivering Value Beyond Marketing

A Certified B Corporation, PGM places people and the environment over profits. It performs in-depth impact assessments across governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Dedicated to protecting the environment, PGM purchases carbon offsets to leave a zero emissions footprint. It also ensures complete transparency in its financials and B Corporation certifications.

PGM believes that placing employees' needs first leads to a happier workforce that is motivated to drive the best results for clients. Its attention to employee welfare resonates in the higher-than-standard wages and its flexible work culture.

The competent team at PGM has guaranteed the firm's success over theyears. It hires candidates that deliver a combination of experience and critical thinking skills to solve any challenge that may arise in a project.

PGM also offers complete autonomy for a project to each employee. As client managers, these employees build strong relationships with their clientsand help them serve their beneficiaries in the best possible ways.
  • We Strive To Strengthen Nonprofits' Missions With A Suite Of Marketing And Technology Services That Give Them The Best Exposure Possible For Their Marketing Dollars

Unwavering Support During Tumultuous Times

"The pandemic has accelerated the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. As a result, we have witnessed an uptick in inquiries for programmatic advertising and increased media spending from clients," says Feith.

Nonprofits are also experiencing an increase in annual sponsorships, driving a bigger community impact.

Keeping these changes in mind, PGM has evolved to continue elevating and benefiting nonprofit and mission-based organizations. The increased budget combined with PGM's experienced services allows nonprofits to help underserved populations in a greater way. To ensure continued support during the pandemic, PGM committed itself to donating 50 percent of its time in 2020 and 20 percent in 2021 to keep missions up and running, to feed the hungry, and to house the homeless. PGM also decided to donate one percent of its gross annual revenue to 501(c)(3) organizations.

PGM has pivoted its operations to be compatible with the virtual world. To continue helping clients raise donations through virtual events, it utilizes remote collaboration tools.

To navigate the increasingly challenging landscape of social media marketing, PGM is focused on scaling its social media activities. It aims to achieve this by deploying a team dedicated to managing social media for its clients.

PGM has been supported for 16 years by its dedicated team of employees who stand for causes they believe in, even beyond the workspace, by contributing and volunteering. With its open mindset and work agility, PGM is helping change the world into a better place, client by client.
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Paul Gregory Media

Paul Gregory Media

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Paul Feith, President

Paul Gregory Media assists nonprofit and mission-based organizations with its suite of marketing services, including branding, websites, SEO, marketing strategy, design, and social media management. Its services are designed to help organizations extend their reach, build awareness, promote their events, and raise funds through donors and sponsorships