Disruptive Advertising: Putting Together Dynamic Digital Marketing Strategies, Cost-Effectively

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Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder and CEO, Disruptive AdvertisingJacob Baadsgaard, Founder and CEO
Digital marketing is integral to any business’s growth today. But businesses often do not know where to start their digital marketing journey or where to spend their time, money, and effort to get the optimal results.

Jacob Baadsgaard, founder and CEO of Disruptive Advertising, sheds light on the importance of being on the same page as clients to understand their business goals and apply the appropriate digital marketing strategies to accomplish those goals.

“There are diverse ways to reach your audience and reinforce your message. Leaning on our decades of expertise, we have found out that the best way of marketing in the digital space is to keep the strategies flexible, to continuously identify what resonates with the client and their audience, and align the marketing campaigns accordingly to hit it from all different angles, always,” says Baadsgaard.

One of the ways Disruptive Advertising makes all its marketing endeavors a success is by employing an approach called a zero-based marketing strategy. Most clients in the current macroeconomic environment complain of not getting a return on their marketing dollars. This slows down their top-line revenue and makes margins compressed. To address this, Disruptive Advertising takes a step back and time to understand the client’s business objectives, including their flowing revenue and squeezed margins.

It helps Disruptive Advertising build a marketing strategy from the ground up that suits the client’s business and budget needs rather than trying to operate within the framework that a client or Disruptive Advertising already has.

“Our zero-based budgeting approach takes all existing marketing approaches off the table, and votes the strategies based on justification and rationalization. That way, we architect the strategy and allocate the resources most efficiently,” states Baadsgaard. The company has helped many clients to uncover the reason behind the clients’ stagnating revenue growth and drive success by implementing this zero-based marketing strategy.

Once this groundwork is laid by Disruptive Advertising’s account management and strategy team, the other teams take over and execute the rest.
One of them is the paid marketing channels department, focusing on acquisition strategies to get the right traffic to the site and drive the outcomes. The channels include search engines and social media like Google, Bing, and YouTube. When the leads come in, the acquisition team focuses on cost-effectively driving them into the sales funnel.

The other element involves Disruptive Advertising’s retention strategies or the owned aspect of marketing, which includes the website. The services are geared toward providing the right customer experience once leads come to the brand website. From the right creative to the ads, the website experience should be seamless.

All three departments work together, making the magic happen. Most marketers or agencies focus on only the acquisition side, that is, making sure new leads are coming in, but repeat customers are equally important. That’s where Disruptive Advertising’s balanced focus on acquisition and retention marketing strategies increases the lifetime value of customers by making sure that each of those channels is accounted for.

One of the ways Disruptive Advertising makes all its marketing endeavors a success is by employing an approach called a zero-based marketing strategy

For instance, Disruptive Advertising identifies that most traffic and sales come from paid traffic channels on social media and search engines. The company, therefore, implements a lifecycle marketing strategy, including email and text messaging, to diversify the traffic sources and get more repeat purchases.

This also helps in gaining high-quality user-generated content. Disruptive Advertising’s team leverages user-generated content across social media platforms that act as authentic social proof to promote the brand’s message. It helps expand social followers, strengthen client relationships, instill trust in the target audience, build SEO value, and boost sales.

To share its marketing values with clients, Disruptive Advertising has also developed a program called the Disruptive University that helps accelerate growth in three areas, business strategy, marketing strategy, and personal development. Guided training in these areas helps clients succeed as individual marketers and flourish, and help them reach their full potential.

With a generous profit-sharing program and strong business acumen, Disruptive Advertising understands that the monetary goal isn’t just a number, but the potential impact gained. That’s where Disruptive Advertising’s goals lie.
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Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising

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Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder and CEO

Disruptive Advertising is a tech-enabled agency that helps companies develop and execute digital marketing growth strategies. They build an entire marketing strategy from scratch that suits the client’s business and budget needs rather than trying to operate within the available framework.