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Linh Judin, Founder & Managing Director, Open Lock MarketingLinh Judin, Founder & Managing Director
Marketing a product before the dot-com boom was a fairly straightforward process. The marketing communication strategies were only limited to three media: television, radio, and print; leveraging which, organizations connected with their established audience base. The industry has traversed a long path since then. With the advent of technologies like AI, analytics, and automation, the business-sphere is witnessing a new era of digitalized and data-driven marketing methods. Understanding the changing times, a marketing technology maven that steps forward and offers a helping hand to companies in building new-age marketing strategies is Open Lock Marketing. The firm’s branding services help organizations design customized business strategies that reflect their strong value proposition in the marketplace.

Open Lock Marketing is the brainchild of Linh Judin—founder and managing director of the company— whose extensive expertise in marketing and networking domains have helped the company in orchestrating marketing services ‘to help build strong brands.’ Judin and her team ace in demystifying the intricacies of modern-day technologies and implementing a marketing strategy that streamlines brand imaging.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that enterprises can employ for marketing, which forces them to invest excessively in multiple solutions, service providers, and other third-party software vendors,” expresses Judin. Striving to resolve this complexity, Open Lock Marketing takes charge of offering a buffet of marketing services—from strategizing, content design and creation, to brand promotion—under one banner.
When it comes to engaging with a company to develop comprehensive campaigning strategies, Open Lock Marketing takes a defined consultative route of carefully understanding the client’s specific requirements. Judin and her multi-disciplinary team studies a client’s business objectives, brainstorms various scenarios, and make use of all available information to recommend the most requisite services. These include digital marketing services with strong SEO capabilities, creative design services that build new themes, as well as sponsorships and events for both online and offline branding. Open Lock Marketing also leverages audits, various forms of assessments, and gap analyses to create target-specific content tailored around a customer’s branding needs.

Offering comprehensive data analytics to understand a company’s digital performance is another forte of Open Lock Marketing. “We sift through various digital touchpoints to evaluate your digital marketing performance on multiple dimensions,” explains Judin. Based on these insights, Open Lock Marketing understands and optimizes a company’s churn rates and helps them in creating a digital footprint that deepens customer relationships and drives revenue. At the same time, “We help enterprises adopt the best social media outreach practices and initiate thoroughly-planned campaigns to position our customers as a competent industry player,” adds Judin.

However, the tenacity of Open Lock Marketing’s offerings is not limited to digital marketing services alone. The company is on a constant mission to help its clients amplify the impact of their business by connecting them with the right industry partners. Open Lock Marketing’s partner program services help establish a larger presence for firms in their respective niche. Depending on the partner program goals and resource capabilities, Open Lock Marketing sources the most compatible business partner through competitive market analyses to ensure that collaborators share mutual interests.

Such capabilities are helping Open Lock Marketing consistently prove its mettle in the digital marketing landscape. Moving forward, the company intends to stay abreast of all technological developments and expand its marketing services portfolio to help businesses transition to an evolved marketing milieu.
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Open Lock Marketing

Open Lock Marketing

Austin, TX

Linh Judin, Founder & Managing Director

Open Lock Marketing provides companies the key to unlock their brand and marketing potential. Based in Austin, Texas Open Lock Marketing works with small to mid-size companies all over the world. With gathered work experience from companies such as IBM and Atlassian, Open Lock Marketing utilizes corporate knowledge and embraces challenges and converts them into opportunities. Open Lock Marketing not only conducts comprehensive strategy and consulting sessions with each customer, but also offers a buffet of services. These include digital marketing with strong SEO capabilities, creative design services that build new themes, sponsorships and events for both online and offline branding, content creation for various platforms, and partner programs