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Tim Edwards, CEO, LearningCurvTim Edwards, CEO
In today’s marketing industry, Salesforce’s rich history in offering scalable and reliable cloud-based solutions has driven businesses of all sizes to invest in their Marketing Cloud experience. But oftentimes, when organizations implement Salesforce cloud solutions, due to the lack of time or product knowledge, they are not able to obtain the full potential of the tool. As a result, they do not really get the full value of their investment and require hiring a full time administrator who solely focuses on running the tool in the organization. While businesses look to reinvent themselves quickly to meet the market demands, professional consultants that can guide them through the intricacies of harnessing the complete value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions become crucial. Accredited as a reliable Salesforce partner, LearningCurv brings to the table their pool of expertise with a vision to address various challenges that organizations face in implementing and harnessing Salesforce’s Marketing cloud solutions.

The company’s training, implementation, and support services are proven and have a great success rate, which enables them to deliver consistent results and enhance the return on the time and technology investments. “From training the new hires to the existing employees, LearningCurv helps organizations in utilizing the Salesforce tools through their tailor made training practices,” begins Tim Edwards, CEO of LearningCurv. For organizations shifting to Salesforce or those who do not possess the budget to bring in an administrator exclusively, LearningCurv comes to the fore with their diligent implementation and support team. LearningCurv’s competent team helps organizations in their migration and implementation procedures for Salesforce and can provide a dedicated support representative who is certified on the tool to take care of the needs that occur after implementation is complete.

In instances where organizations have their own Salesforce administrators, LearningCurv helps in up skilling their workforce while providing support and guidance to ensure that the tools are used in the right direction.

If an organization wants to focus primarily on their business and just requires a fraction of administration assistance, LearningCurv manages the tools for them and assigns a qualified administrator to work for the organization

“However, if an organization wants to focus primarily on their business and just requires a fraction of administration assistance, LearningCurv manages the tools for them and assigns a qualified administrator to work for the organization,” adds Edwards.

What makes LearningCurv stay ahead of their peers in the industry is their way of approaching the bottlenecks as a team and not an individual effort. On the service front, LearningCurv assigns a success manager to oversee the strategy and scope of the project so that the customer is linked with the best program. In the next stage, an application manager who is certified in a specific application comes in and creates a game plan to execute the scope along with an application specialist or consultant who ensures that the game plan is executed effectively. The team members, who are located in the Austin, Texas office, work collectively in real-time and support the customers efficiently.

One of LearningCurv’s clients, an independent specialty pharmacy BioPlus, approached the company as they wanted to better their relationships with their patients by introducing a seamless marketing automation that improved their workflow. They were in need of an automated solution that would collaboratively work with their team in creating marketing and nurturing programs. LearningCurv designed a program for BioPlus, which trained the team in learning and developing a relationship nurturing campaign. BioPlus was able to tap into LearningCurv’s expertise and accelerate their campaigns while saving time.

Continuing on its innovation streak, LearningCurv intends to dig deeper with a continued focus on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Analytics Cloud while exploring new Salesforce. With a 4.9 out of 5 star rating in the AppExchange, the LearningCurv team aims to continue providing the best to their customers and enhance their services along the way.
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Austin, TX

Tim Edwards, CEO

LearningCurv trains and equips business professionals on Salesforce platforms including Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and Analytics Cloud. In order to provide the best Salesforce software training programs, LearningCurv focuses on continuous improvement and excellent user experience. By teaching in-depth classes, equipping clients with the best practices, and providing excellent customer service the company strives to create the most outstanding business software training experience on the web. LearningCurv's certified experts strives to give clients a thorough and involved training experience where they empower the users to master the tool