What Conversational AI Means for Business

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

AIFew years ago, users had to input codes or commands to make queries or elicit the desired response, everything was black and white. But today with the breakthrough inventions like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and cognitive computing machine can understand, process and respond to natural human speech and text.

Conversational AI is transforming how people interact with business. It has become one of the most promising areas that business can apply conversational AI is customer service via chatbots. It enables customers to reach out business using a messenger, on the organization website or any other popular social media platform. Customers can ask common questions, get updates or even make purchases. Customers are talking to a chatbot just like they are interacting with a human.

Conversational AI will define conditions like when, where and how a business engage and communicate with its customers. Today's consumers want to communicate with business using text and voice because it is easier, less intrusive and quicker than using other communication channels. They are increasingly fueled by AI. The sophistication of the bot and conversational abilities are largely determined by AI. The principles of adopting conversational AI include

•   Defining the purpose of conversational interaction in the business and understanding conversational platforms the users are already on.

•   Conversational applications rely on data to engage users, both content and context. The information exchanged during natural dialogue with the customer is content and context avails conversational applications to anticipate user's needs.

•  The conversational design is about language and human communication different from traditional software development.

•  The integrity of the application should also be considered with respect to the user data.

Chat applications are attracting users to business, the mechanism that enables organizations to deliver highly personalized customer experience. The high levels automation of bots enables cost-effective service delivery. Hence, the business can free up employees to work on more complex customer cases and queries that require analysis.

As more and more users prefer chat as a primary mode of communication business will leverage the capabilities of conversational AI to achieve business goals. As it helps business reduce operational costs and scale operations.

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