Top 6 Tech Innovations Influencing Marketing Automation

By Martech Outlook | Friday, October 25, 2019

Automation tools and platforms encourage marketers to scale their marketing efforts and run marketing campaigns across various channels and touchpoints that are fairly observable.

FERMONT, CA: Marketing automation software is a blessing for marketers who are now able to automate their monotonous and repetitive advertising and public relations activities. At the same time, programmatic ad procurement–another example of marketing automation, aims to save a lot of time and effort from buying online ad space for advertisers. This helps them concentrate on more important company income by optimizing activities. The good news is that automation of advertising continues to evolve. New-age technologies and innovations reshape the technology future while creating better incentives for marketers with data-backed decision-making and strategies to improve CX.

Today's marketers look at project automation from an entirely new perspective, representing more than just directing and transforming the consumer through the marketing funnel. Automation is also concerned with designing comprehensive campaigns to engage meaningfully with customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle at every step of their decision journey. Nonetheless, automation of the customer lifecycle is a major advantage for marketing teams across industries. Let's look at some of the key technological advances and technologies that are expected to influence marketing automation.  


As an exciting platform for driving interaction, chatbots are rapidly evolving and allowing more efficient customer service. Multiple studies and reports have shown that customers prefer to use a chatbot rather than an app to engage with a brand. While this move's CX and product advantages are obvious, it also lets companies gain more feedback from the consumer and turn them on a scale into business behavior. Many email marketing activities, particularly in the customer service field, could be fulfilled through shorter, real-time interactions with bots. Moreover, chatbots could directly execute campaigns in the app–at the right time and place as well. Coupled with AI, chatbots could help marketing automation serve as an approach that drives higher conversions. However, before applying a bot-based solution for the right results, marketers must relate to and understand the customer's journey thoroughly.

Integration of Social Media Marketing 

When it comes to the customer journey, neither B2B nor B2C marketers can afford to ignore the importance of social media. Although automating social media marketing campaigns is an important agenda for them to reach and engage with their target audiences, convergence between social media marketing platforms and marketing automation platforms is the rapidly evolving field. With these developed integrations, marketers can see how social media conversations and interactions are linked to campaigns and offers, track qualitative feedback through an analysis of feelings, and use that insight to improve the campaign. To inform ABM initiatives, B2B marketers can track conversations and social interactions back to the account level.

Automated Workflows

A company with many automated workflows for campaigns needs to understand how they communicate to get insights. It is necessary to have a unique view of all the workflows while dealing with a web of connected automation- a visualization tool that can show critically the big picture of the customer journey and all the interventions made of it. Mapping out of automated workflows is essential for marketers to make necessary and real-time purchase-based decisions, build marketing campaigns/messages related to their behavioral patterns, and maximize expenditure and allocate assets on the right interventions. Visualization technologies help marketers understand how many automation workflows work together, while they evolve further with data visualization capabilities to tell the story so that even non-tech-influenced marketers can use them to drive action and performance.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

MRM platform can help marketers automate much of their administrative legwork while taking advantage of portals that allow stakeholders and internal customers to request projects and track their progress in real-time. MRM tools also help marketing teams more efficiently communicate through project management and workflows for review/approval. Via show-rooming resources and digital asset repositories, team members can exchange ideas and inspiration to ensure that great work is not lost in the shuffle. MRM helps to ensure plans are on track without losing innovation by automating key tasks and campaign operations.

Meaningful Analytics

Automation technology captures and analyzes lead data, customer revenue, campaign progress, etc. It helps advertisers compare past and current campaigns' success and foresee which tactics will perform well in the future. Such auto-analytics reporting facilitates training and development at every level of the marketing process. Brands can also take advantage of automated A/B testing to optimize content for maximum impact in real-time.

Automated Loyalty Programs

Automated systems can register customer loyalty information and send real-time, tailored deals and rewards through multiple channels, irrespective of whether a shopper is in a brick-and-mortar store, on a website, or even on social media. Additionally, loyalty programs can help reduce the turnover of consumers, build advocates, and develop a true retention culture.

Marketers are creative, resilient, and committed to delivering high-quality campaigns that produce results. But without using modern technology, activities can become daunting and frustrating, leading to delayed implementation of projects, budget issues, and more. Marketers can focus on making their brand a pioneer with tactical, engaging, and innovative campaigns with the right technology to automate manual processes.

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