The Importance of Google Marketing Platform

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 01, 2021

By leveraging Google Marketing Platform to the fullest, marketers can achieve ambitious goals over the long term.

FREMONT, CA: The MarTech and AdTech sector is complex. And in a world of increasingly complicated data regulations, a single-stack approach is the way to go. Here enters the Google Marketing Platform. It’s a suite of advertising and analytics offerings with data integration and reporting features to form a holistic understanding of user behavior. The audience and conversion data gathered by pixels shared between platforms make Google Marketing Platform powerful. By leveraging it to the fullest, marketers can achieve objectives over the long term, like online-offline conversion tracking, maximizing modified audience depth, integrating CRM data and Google data, and optimizing value customers.

Google Marketing platform tools include Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Analytics 360, and Optimize 360. Campaign Manager offers control over data with its ad serving, targeting, and reporting features. The platform enables advertisers to report on activity across media channels, set up audiences, generate ad trackers, and host creatives. Given that it has full reach across the whole Google Marketing Platform stack and other channels, advertisers can use various data sources to optimize each campaign. 

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform built for campaign management and reporting for Google Ads. It lets users make large-scale changes across platforms. Its sophisticated bidding strategies and customizable reporting metrics allow users seamlessly to make changes to various campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Display & Video 360 provides the flexibility to make programmatic exchanges outside of Google’s network. It also enables cross-channel planning, measuring, and optimizing — all with advanced targeting that uses data, technology, and granular reporting.

Analytics 360 is a measurement and attribution device that helps advertisers understand how digital marketing influences user behavior. The platform enables audience management across Google Marketing Platform properties, allowing a comprehensive view of customers to monitor performance and effectiveness. Optimize 360 lets users test variations of sites and apps to personalize the user experience. Users can simultaneously run a variety of tests. Optimize 360 is seamless to use with other tools, as it has native integration with Analytics 360, enabling users to quickly understand where to improve.

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