Strategies to Succeed in Mobile Marketing

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Mobile marketing involves activities correlated to selling, purchasing, and advertising of any products and services using mobile devices. The use of mobile in day-to-day life has resulted in the need for mobile marketing in business. The increase in the number of mobile users over desktop users adds to this.

Including gamification in the marketing efforts is today in execution. Using a rewards system for the users to track their progress or gain loyalty can be beneficial. Conducting contests or offering loyalty rewards for sharing and liking posts is one way to use gaming. Another successful way to gamify mobile marketing is by giving consumers the ability to share rewards with friends and family. It will be a handy tool for retaining users and gaining new followers.

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There is a continuous increase in the number of users that are beginning to access the internet on their smartphones and tablets. Thus, digital marketing should be adapted for mobile usage including websites, email newsletters, and other channels. Accordingly, there should be investments in the right infrastructure to enhance the speed, security, and performance.

Artificial intelligence has a lot of potentials to help improve mobile ad monetization further.  With AI, the learning algorithms can be applied to easily monitor the choices of the users while using the app to learn their likes and dislikes. From this information, the relevant recommendations are made to keep the consumers engaging.

Smartphone screens are getting larger, and tablets are getting more sophisticated where the data transfer speeds continue to increase. It is easier for current and potential users to find and receive the company information on their mobile devices. Business owners adopting smart mobile marketing will be better positioned to tap into the rapidly growing market of mobile consumers eventually increasing their company revenues.

Mobile marketing will continue to evolve at a fast pace, and we will see newer ways in which it will affect people’s lives. Mobile engagement solutions are the way to bring physical products to the online space. They can greatly contribute to increasing a brand’s customer engagement and achieving sales targets.

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