Potential Impacts of AI and CRM in Hospitality Landscape

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019

CRMOver the last few years, multiple advancements within the technology space have been mutually influencing for various industries leading value addition. For instance, in the case of hotels, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to impact and change the industry entirely. Technology has entered the traditional hospitality landscape with the rising need for smart automation of processes with an assurance to improve hotel reputation, customer experience, and revenue growth. Like many other industries, the hotel industry today revolves around the nucleus of a handful of technology solutions.

This is an era of data mining. With more technology and products out in the market and customers continuing to expect personalized experiences will stress to emphasize big data. This amount of data will pacify hoteliers' focus on what the customer wants. This data can be collected from a customer relationship management system (CRM), social media, casino-management systems and more. The underlying challenge here is how to obtain and array this data, and how to analyze and utilize it effectively. Data offers the opportunity to redesign the guest experience—from room service to check out—without the intrusion of traditional data teams. Here technology minimizes the face-to-face interactions.

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CRM not supplemented by AI and machine learning will frustrate teams creating analytics as the amount of available data grows exponentially. Smarter hotels having the technology to assist with decision making and personalized experience will ultimately win the customer acquisition and retention. Regardless of the size of the brands, each one can benefit from having a firm hold on data and AI to interpret it. The right analysis of data can impact every single touchpoint of the customer experience.

The adoption of AI further impacts the operational dynamics of hotel industry with booking experience in native language enabled by chatbots, internet of things and intelligence of things allowing services ranging from matching guest preferences, suggesting books or music, nearby sports club to complement customers’ taste and many others, and voice-enabled assistants to create smart space and even smarter services.

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With increased pressure to meet the competition and achieve vast customer base hotels will require substantial technological innovations to survive growing demands. 

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