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Martech Outlook | Monday, February 04, 2019

In the last five years, information technology teams have spent a lot of time and money securing mobile apps, taking into account technologies such as mobile app management servers, app wrapping, app containers, thin-client web apps, and even mobile virtualization. TikTok is one among them at the peak on the basis of its popularity and users. TikTok is a mobile video short form destination. The creators have made this app so that its users can capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious moments of life directly from their mobile phones. TikTok also allows everyone to be a creator and encourages users through their videos to share their passion and creative expression. The app has an infinite range of chances of being creative.

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TikTok launched its first major UK marketing campaign to be held on Christmas. The company was established in 2016 when Bytedance, now the largest Internet start-up in the world, valued at $75 billion, launched Douyin, which was later renamed TikTok for international markets. After acquiring for $1 billion in 2017, Bytedance consolidated the two companies to create today’s worldwide TikTok brand. After its launch in China in 2016, the app has stormed the millennium world with rapid global growth over the past year. Since its founding in 2016, the company is now available in 15 countries in 75 languages.

Recognizing the UK as a strategic market, TikTok aims to continue its rapid growth period by launching a digital and paid social campaign alongside a large-scale out-of-home effort (OHH). Targeting the millennium generation, the campaign will be complemented by a series of hashtags and challenges related to Christmas and New Year. At any time, the users can identify at least five different challenges in the app that TikTok faces. Users are encouraged to respond with their own content to the "challenges."

The campaign focuses on Christmas themes and shows how users can capture content using the app to share with the TikTok public. As part of its OHH campaign, TikTok has taken over Piccadilly Street and Oxford Circus from 17 December to the New Year's Eve in the center of London.

“We really want to keep on building a positive and rewarding community, and use our resources to empower everyone to be creative,” says Stefan Heinrich, TikTok's head of global marketing. Indeed, this vision is the main reason behind the massive adoption and the popularity of the app. It has reached even in the rural areas in most countries.

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