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Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, March 29, 2021

With the latest suite of tools, Google offers businesses an integrated, flexible, and collaborative-friendly platform.

FREMONT, CA: As a full-service platform for marketing, Google Marketing Platform includes various tools and features that help brands create smart, data-driven campaigns, which lead to better outcomes for the business. With Google Marketing Platform, marketers and brands automatically get vital insights from all their tools, which helps them understand the audience better. With the Google Marketing Platform's enhanced collaboration, it is seamless to share data across the teams. Learn more here.

Google Marketing Platform is an outcome of the unification of Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick. This should not come as a surprise, as most of Google’s marketing tactics are more effective when leveraged in collaboration with each other. Google Analytics Suite includes a premium version of Google Analytics, along with five other products. In the case of a larger business or corporation, Google Analytics Suite is a go-to option— though it is a paid option.

Google chose the word platform to describe Google Marketing Platform because it is not a cookie-cutter offering that marketers can take or leave. It is a platform with several offerings, enabling marketers and brands to use what works for them and add and integrate in-house solutions. Firms own all the data they gather in Google Marketing Platform, and they manage who has access to it. It emphasizes Google’s sentiment that it needs users to opt for what they buy, how they buy it, and how they gauge it.

As an additional advantage, Google now provides Google Marketing Platform Partners. This program offers users access to resources that assist them in making the most of the Google Marketing Platform. Presently, there are more than 500 certified technology firms, media companies, interactive agencies, and other enterprises. Google Marketing Platform Partners stresses training and skill-building for all Google Marketing Platform products. Google’s partners have had to meet complex requirements, and now it is no different.

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