Innovative Parental Control Features with Avast and Wind Tre Collaboration

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cybersecurity world is advancing every day. Due to technological advancements, many innovations like embedded systems are emerging in the cyberspace with the latest technologies to secure U.S. military information and weapon details. Implementing cybersecurity in the embedded system may involve some changes in the architectural design.  At the beginning of design and architecture, cybersecurity and cyber resiliency have to be considered.

Avast is a global leader in cybersecurity products that is dedicated to providing safety and privacy to all the internet users. It is one of the largest security companies, which uses next-generation technologies to provide cybersecurity to their customers. Avast differs from their competitors just by having immense cloud-based machine learning systems that get information signal from millions of users. The information becomes the driving force of an artificial intelligence engine.

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Recently, Avast launched a new Wind Family Protect application in Italy. In collaboration with the top Italian mobile operator, Wind Tre launched the app that helps parents to watch out their children’s internet search. Using the app, the parents can keep track of their children’s online activity at any time. “Our partnership with Wind Tre is the latest example of how we work with carriers helping them provide valuable offerings to subscribers - in this case, families in particular,” said Gagan Singh, SVP and Chief Product Officer of Consumer at Avast.

Wind Family Protect is available for families in Italy. It is available in different packages including junior packages too. Using mobile application, parents can have access to their child’s online activities.

Using the application, a parent can even block and filter the contents their child wants to see. The app also lets the parents know the location of their kid whether they are at school or at home. Using a single account, the parents can have access to over ten devices. The digital products by Avast for Mobile, PC, or Mac with advanced technologies ranks top in the market sale and are certified by VB100.

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