Integrating the Digital World into the Real World within Minutes

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The entertainment industry is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of virtual reality in games and virtual worlds. However, other areas that are just as popular include virtual museums, galleries, theaters, and virtual parks. Augmented reality and virtual reality are now at the focus of mobile innovation. Several entertainment companies explore a new standard in the creation of digital live content.

Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. operates in the media and entertainment industry in Canada as a digital content production company. It creates visual content for film, VR, AR, and mixed reality. The company was previously known as GeoNovus Media Corp and in May 2016 changed its name.

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Imagination Park Entertainment has recently announced the resignation of the founder and director Napora Gabriel. He decided to resign in order to concentrate more on a new film and TV company. Gabriel will proceed to work with Imagination Park through its Triton Films Inc. on various projects until 1 April 2019 and after that, as needed. The board of Imagination Park plans to fill the vacant seat in the coming months.

Gabriel said, “I would like to emphasize that my decision to leave is on an entirely amicable basis. I remain a significant shareholder and supporter of the Company, and I believe the plan to focus on the XenoHolographic Augmented Reality platform will yield tremendous success.”

The trading activity of Imagination Park Entertainment has been boosted during recent trade sessions. The improvement results in the company increasing its non-brokered private investment to CA$3 million from CA$2 million on strong investor demand. Imagination Park Entertainment focuses entirely on providing XenoHolographic product suite in order to generate revenue. As a result, the company has limited its involvement in film content, as it seeks to build a name for itself by creating exciting marketing content for increased reality.

The company plays a key role in leveraging increased marketing reality. The company offers AR products for mobile phones and wearable headsets and the rapid deployment of AR solutions without the need of developers while integrating AI.

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